Sunday, May 15, 2011

Schools Chancellor Walcott Agrees to Re-Do Botched Parent Ed Council Election

 Looks like Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott is stuck repairing the damage that took place when nobody was minding the store during the brief but memorable tenure of ex-Chancellor Cathie Black.

On Thursday he agreed to redo this year’s Community Education Council (CEC) elections.CECs are the parent bodies that replaced the old local school boards, and they are virtually the only way that parents can make a difference in school policy.

The first round of voting -- the parent "straw poll" -- was "unfair, provided inaccurate candidate information and excluded a number of parents who wanted to run," according to the Brooklyn Eagle. After pressure from parent groups, Walcott agreed the thing was botched and approved a do-over.

See the full story here.

Parents can vote online here.

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Photo by Elbert Garcia at RepRangel, Creative Commons license

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