Friday, May 27, 2011

Brooklyn Heights Rallies to Keep Engine Company 205 Open

Brooklyn Heights residents and their representatives gathered together yesterday afternoon to rally in support of Engine Company 205, which is one of the 20 fire companies that Mayor Bloomberg, in a weird and inexplicable fit, is trying to close.

Though the population of Brooklyn has been growing by leaps and bounds, the Mayor is trying to shut 8 fire companies in our borough. The amount of fire protection that was once considered necessary when there were actually fewer residents is now deemed unnecessary and unaffordable.

Engine Company 205 not only covers Brooklyn Heights but also DUMBO, a new neighborhood suddenly teeming with residents where once there were only factories and warehouses.

Republicans (and Mayor Bloomberg, whatever he is) say the wealthy will leave if they have to pay higher taxes. But studies show that's not true.

First graders from overcrowded P.S. 8 down the street joined the rally as well. They said that if the school caught fire, the firefighters at Engine 205 would save their lives. They're right.

By the way, the Mayor will be firing several teachers from P.S. 8 next year as part of the city's weird and inexplicable 6,000 teacher layoffs and position eliminations. This while the city is in the middle of losing billions of dollars through waste, corruption and scandals.

Borough president Marty Markowitz said that the first purpose of government is to provide basic services like fire and police protection. He also said that Brooklyn isn't going to take it on the chin.

Councilman Steve Levin remembered the eight firefighters from the Ladder 118/ Engine Co. 205who gave their lives on September 11, 2001:

Captain Martin Egan

Lt. Joseph Agnello

Firefighter Vernon Cherry

Firefighter Scott Davidson

Lt. Robert Regan

Firefighter Leon Smith Jr.

Firefighter Peter Vega

Lt. Robert Wallace

Funny, when the Mayor visited the firehouse after September 11th he said New York would never forget what these brave men did for us.

There were many other speakers, including Assemblywoman Joan Millman and actor Steve Buscemi. Read more about the rally at the Brooklyn Eagle

On Wednesday Park Slope residents and representatives held a rally in front of Engine 220. More about that here.

- Eight Pins Coming Off This Brooklyn Fire Company Map

Photos by MK Metz

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escha said...

we use to go to P.S.8! it has a few a fire hazards and with so many kids its important to have professional life savers in the area!!!!

mcbrooklyn said...

The firehouse is safe for now -- but what are the fire hazards at P.S. 8 you're talking about? (Other than hundreds of kids packed into a school at overcapacity...)