Monday, May 23, 2011

What Did You Do On Rapture Day?

We can state with all honesty that no Brooklynites were saved on Saturday, though it's possible a couple of tourists were taken on the Promenade. (See BHB below.)

On the other hand, Brooklynites did many interesting things on the last day of the world. Here's a sample:

Mike, the Brooklyn Trolly Blogger, watched the man in the photo above dangle off the Williamsburg Bridge, with the NYPD in pursuit. See BrooklyTrollyBlogger for a series of photos of the event. (Update: Gothamist has the followup.)

- Ink Lake helped out at the Gowanus Canal cleanup. Good way to achieve a bit of Rapture. Ink Lake 

- WYDNKBYANM watched the sheep get sheared at the Prospect Park Zoo. WYDNKBYANM

- Folks at Brooklynian posted some hilarious videos at "Goodbye Everybody. See You in Hell."  Brooklynian

- Two souls got raptured right off a bench on the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights. BHB

- Miss Heather took the Working Harbor Tour of Newtown Creek.  NYSHitty  

- Gawker discovered a Rapture Day Anthem. Gawker

Finally, Eclectic Method created this excellent Apocamix video: "Realizing end times were approaching fast we decided to create the Apocamix all the best disaster end times scenes remixed."New York City, as usual, gets screwed.
Watch full size for full effect:

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