Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brooklyn Eagle Smacks Down NY Times About Absence of Walentas in DUMBO Story

Dennis Holt of the Brooklyn Eagle lashes out at the "the very large and prominent" story on "Bringing Up DUMBO" in last Sunday’s New York Times, which makes "no mention whatsoever of anyone named Walentas — David, Jane or Jed."

Within the story were seven colored pictures, and 22 different people or organizations were identified, Holt says.

"But the real failure of the story was the absolute lack of history and perspective," Holt writes. "How Walentas came onto the scene, the disappointments in major clients bowing out, his gutsy decision to go to housing, his subsidizing retailers to set up shop so that newcomers had somewhere to shop, and his major focus on supporting the artist and performance industries."

Holt goes on to pen a "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" takeoff. Read the whole story here

(Also see comments about the Times story at Brownstoner.)

Photo by MK Metz

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