Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Barges Under Water; Zombies Attack Williamsburg; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Carroll Gardeners honored the lost at War Memorial in Carroll Park on Monday. PMFA

- A sonar scan of the Gowanus Canal turned up a couple of intact barges and a World War II rescue vessel with a “checkered history.” Carroll Gardens Patch

- Zombies attack Williamsburg! Gothamist

- So that's what all those padlocks are doing on the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Eagle

- A Brooklyn handyman was shot in the head riding his bike a block from his home.  NY Daily News

- A former Brooklyn Botanic Garden employee claims age and race discrimination. Gothamist 

- A tree was planted near Brooklyn Supreme Court in memory of Hope Reichbach, a "comet" who died at the age of 22. Brooklyn Eagle

- When driving with drugs, don't overdo it with the air fresheners! Gothamist

- Lunatics: A Japanese company wants to turn the moon into a giant, solar panel-covered disco ball. Gawker

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