Thursday, July 12, 2007

Brooklyn Bikers Seeing Green

Could be that the NYC Department of Transportation actually listened to groups like Transportation Alternatives, which advocates painting bike lanes a solid color in order to improve visibility and curb blockage by motor vehicles. The bike lane above runs along Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights.

Looks like it might be working. While a car did drive into the bike lane, it quickly -- "Oops!" -- swerved back out again.

UPDATE: The Brooklyn Eagle has posted a short article that says, "The city Department of Transportation is testing color schemes that would make bike lanes more visible and keep cars away." More here.

UPDATE: A tip that the Tillary Street bike lane was also painted turns out to be mistaken. Only Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights has been "greened" so far.

Previous posts on bike lane issues in Brooklyn here.

Photo by MK Metz


Gary said...

McB, where exactly did you take this shot? I'm in carroll gardens, haven't looked for this but haven';t seen it yet, and I'll walk over and check it out if I have time tonight. Thanks, Gary

Anonymous said...

When I saw it yesterday, it only extended south to between Montague and Remsen.

Anonymous said...

An article in the Brooklyn Eagle says it runs between Clark and Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights.

mcbrooklyn said...

Gary -- We took the shot on Henry Street between Clark and Pierrepont Streets in Brooklyn Heights.