Ducklings on Display at Brooklyn Union Gas

 This press release from 1999 describes a once-cherished spring tradition in Brooklyn Heights (when Brooklyn Union Gas was headquartered on Montague Street) and then in Downtown Brooklyn (when KeySpan was headquartered at 1 MetroTech on Jay Street). 

In the large picture window you could watch ducklings hatch from their eggs and dry off under lamps. When they were nice and fluffy, they'd hop into a little pond and swim around with the other ducklings. Kids and adults alike would press their noses against the window and watch this rather miraculous event every spring.

All good things must come to an end: When National Grid took over KeySpan, they dropped the ducks.

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KeySpan (ticker: KSE, exchange: New York Stock Exchange (.N)) News Release - March 23, 1999

Ducklings on Display at Brooklyn Union
Ducklings on Display at Brooklyn Union

March 23, 1999
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be springtime at Brooklyn Union. As they have for 30 years, visitors to Brooklyn Union's headquarters in downtown Brooklyn will delight to see the company's annual display of ducklings emerging from their eggs to begin life. 

The duckling display features specially designed incubators containing fertilized duck eggs and a pond where the ducks will take their first swim. Grade school and junior high school teachers have been invited to bring students to MetroTech Center to enjoy the continuous performance. An animal management team from Long Island cares for the ducklings during and after the daily event.

The ducklings will be displayed on the ground floor of One MetroTech Center, on Jay Street in downtown Brooklyn, from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. every day from Monday, March 22, through Sunday, April 4. No advance registration or fee is required to enjoy this educational exhibit. 

Brooklyn Union is a subsidiary of KeySpan Energy, which operates two utilities that distribute natural gas under the Brooklyn Union name to approximately 1.6 million customers in New York City and on Long Island. Other KeySpan companies market a portfolio of energy-related services in the Northeast, operate electric-generation plants on Long Island, and provide operating and customer services to one-million electric customers of the Long Island Power Authority. KeySpan's unregulated energy activities focus on gas exploration and development, primarily through The Houston Exploration Company; domestic pipelines and storage; and international activities, including gas-processing in Canada, and gas pipelines and local-distribution in Northern Ireland. For more information, visit KeySpan Energy's web site at:

(Duckling photo courtesy of Gamenerd under Creative Commons license.)

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