Monday, September 30, 2013

Scenes From Sunday's 2013 Atlantic Antic

Photos by Mary Frost
We couldn't have asked for a finer day for this year's Atlantic Antic, which attracted a mellow crowd of thousands to Atlantic from Hicks Street to Fourth Avenue.

This year's corn was the sweetest we've ever tasted.

Music filled the streets and changed block by block. There were rockers, Gospel singers, Island music, and Arabic classics and belly dancing. Above, Brandi & the Alexanders had the crowd dancing at Hanks Saloon.

The Transit Museum displayed some of their vintage buses and trucks. Above is a 1930s-era Double Decker "Z-type." Inside was wooden accents, cushioned seats and roll-down windows.

Kids got to honk the horn in giant trucks, including this tunnel-cleaner truck with big brushes.

The nurses from the New York State Nurses Association collected signatures on a petition to save Long Island College Hospital (LICH).

Don't shoot!

There was a section reserved for kids activities next to the Transit area. Here kids were putting together modular tracks for the trains.

What a day! The Atlantic Antic is truly the best street fair in New York City.

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Murder in Sunset Park; Community Gets LICH Input; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Judge: Community groups get a seat at the table in Long Island College Hospital case. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Don't forget to vote in tomorrow's runnoff for Public Advocate. It's James against Squadron. [NYT]

- True South bookstore closes in Bed-Stuy. [NY Daily News]

- Library supporters are set to speak out at a City Council hearing today. [Brooklyn Eagle

- Worst park ever -- just blocks from Brooklyn Bridge Park. [Brooklyn Paper]

- Here ya go: Social media links for every NYC government agency. [NY1]

- Judge rules cheating driving school teachers didn't committ mail fraud. [NY Daily News]

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday in Brooklyn: Atlantic Antic, DUMBO Arts Fest, Carroll Park Kids Concert

Atlantic Antic. Photo: MK Metz
 The weather should be beautiful no matter where you head today (Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013). Here are some of the notable crazy fun events happening in Brooklyn:

The 39th Annual Atlantic Antic: The street festival to end all street festivals runs along Atlantic Avenue from Hicks Street to 4th Avenue.  This is the real deal -- food, beer brewed just for the occasion, art, music, shopping, festivities, and fun. And this year, finally, BP Marty Markowitz will crowned King of Brooklyn.

The DUMBO Arts Festival continues on Sunday. Highly recommended! While the Festival officially ends at 6 p.m., BattleFest runs from 6 - 9 p.m.

The Deedle Deedle Dees will be performing at the Carroll Park Kids Concert Series at 2 p.m.

Unhinged, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition’s Fall Art Show: four shows in one in Red Hook.

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'Bubbles of Hope' Run Rampant Through DUMBO Arts Festival

Photos by MK Metz
Led by the Russian performance artist Andrey Bartenev, scores of zanies dressed in colorful bubble costumes marauded through the DUMBO Arts Festival on Saturday. Above, the bubblefolk surround another exhibition, Sublime Virtue by Monica Jahan Bose. Sitting soundlessly on a bed in the middle of an intersection, she ignored them.

The Bubbles danced around during a poetry reading under the Manhattan Bridge Archway (above), along the Pearl Street Triangle to Jane’s Carousel, and finally to the Tobacco Warehouse for a giant bubble party.

Here they are on the Empire State Park law, running around on the Brooklyn Lawn Quilt project (by Fort Makers).

In the background on the water, you can see the "Ship of Tolerance," by Ilya and Emilia Kabakov and children.

The 2013 DUMBO Arts Festival continues on Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. Highly recommended!

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Crystal King Swarovski Opens in Downtown Brooklyn

Photo: Brooklyn Eagle
The swan-logoed crystal king Swarovski quietly opened its doors on Sept. 26 at 490 Fulton St. in Downtown Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Eagle reports.

 The Austrian company sells fashion accessories and crystal-based ornaments, figurines and collectibles.

Fun fact: They created the 9-foot star that tops the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.

More at the Eagle.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

A Few Things We're Looking for at the DUMBO Arts Festival

"Bubbles of Hope," a procession of the bubble-clad multitudes by Andrey Bartenev, takes place Saturday from 12 - 2 p.m.
The exuberant three-day 2013 DUMBO Arts Festival kicks off Friday evening (6 - 9 p.m.) and continues on Saturday (12 - 9 p.m.) and Sunday (12 - 6 p.m.). Even if you think you're not into art, you'll find something here to intrigue you.

Everyone enjoys different art, and there's way too much to see it all. Here a just a few exhibits that we want to visit. We'll post more tomorrow after we visit the Festival. (Note the "Bubbles of Hope" procession, which you can join in, takes place on Saturday from noon - 2 p.m.)

The Ship of Tolerance by Russian artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov and hundreds of schoolkids (whose painting were sewn together to make the sails) arrived in DUMBO on Friday.

BattleFest is a NYC dance battle league for extreme street dancers. Dancers battle one on one in an arena surrounded by fans. They battle until only one dancer is left

Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, made up of actors who have experienced homelessness, presents "Concrete Justice." The actors use trash and found materials as props and incorporate clowning and circus artistry.

In "Brooklyn Lawn Quilt" you pick up one out of 30 painted blankets from a painted tipi. You arrange the blanket in the park as a piece of a large-scale painting. Fort Makers will shoot aerial photos from the Manhattan Bridge.

creatAR is easy augmented reality software. Mark Skwarek will perform creatAR Monster Island live with creatAR and attempt a rescue from the island he created at the 2011 DUMBO Arts Festival. The entire event will be seen and heard on people's smartphones and tablets.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Neither Squadron Nor James Have to Worry Much About Money, for Now

Photos: MK Metz
After a lot of noise and smoke from her opponent Sen. Daniel Squadron, Council Member Tish James, running in a close fight for public advocate, released her 2012 income tax forms on Wednesday.

According to Capital NY, James reported collecting $44,000 in rent, and used some of that money to pay the mortgage on her property, which last year cost more than $18,000. James earns more than $120,000 for her work as a City Council member. She originally failed to disclose her rental income.

Suadron released his tax returns in July (also under duress) showing he and his wife earned more than $260,000 in combined income. Losing public advocate candidate Reshma Saujani had branded Squadron "Trust Fund Dan."

Both Squadron and James have criticized the other for not revealing enough about their finances. But the only real take-away for us is neither one is broke, at least this year.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hilariously, the New York Times Tries to Smear Bill de Blasio and Now Everybody Like Him Even Better

Maybe the Pope will be the next to endorse Bill de Blasio for Mayor of New York, now that the New York Times, in an amusingly bungled attempt to depict a young de Blasio as possibly a radical, ends up makes him sound like a saint.

People we've spoken to about the article "exposing" de Blasio's early volunteer work with a Catholic social justice organization in Nicaragua said it made them like de Blasio even more than they had before. What a guy!

Alex Pareen, of Salon, does a great job picking apart the Times' transparent attempts to makes the de Blasio of 30 years ago look like possibly a Commie.

A sample from Salon: "De Blasio, we’re told, went to Nicaragua to help distribute food and medicine in the middle of a war between left and right. But he returned with something else entirely: a vision of the possibilities of an unfettered leftist government.' Unfettered! I don’t like the sound of that."

Sorry Quinn didn't work out for you, NY Times. Maybe you should just officially embrace your inner Republican and Joe Lhota.

UPDATE: In related news, President Barack Obama marveled at Dante de Blasio's afro on Tuesday, quipping that he had “the same hairdo I had in 1978.” President Obama endorsed de Blasio on Monday. (Politicker)

Photo by MK Metz

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Now There Is a 'Brooklyn Hair Weather Forecast'

For all those who have been wishing and hoping for a Brooklyn Hair Weather Forecast, your wishes have come true.

AccuWeather has partnered with abc7 to bring Brooklynites an up-to-the-minute, science-powered "hair frizz forecast."

Today is "Unlikely for hair frizz" in Brooklyn, according to the forecast.The fabulous hair weather will continue until next Monday, when a Hair Frizz Watch will be in effect.

The Watch continues until Friday, October 4, when a Hair Frizz Advisory has been declared.

And from October 6 - 9, a full-blown Hair Frizz Warning is in effect.

You should consider stockpiling mousse, hair spray, conditioner and calmer.

For those not living in Brooklyn, take heart. AccuWeather provides a hair frizz forecast for many other major metropolitan areas as well.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Brooklyn Bridge Park RFP Out for Marina, Skate Rink, Concession

Marina by My Expression, Flickr
BBP issued its RFP yesterday for a “first-class,” 186-slip marina adjacent to Pier 5 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. RFPs were also released for the Pier 5 concession building and the Pier 2 skate rink, the Brooklyn Eagle reports.

(As for us, we'd like to find a third-class marina where we could afford to dock a tiny little put-put, but guess that won't happen.)

According to BBP, additional Pier 2 facilities will include shuffleboard, bocce ball, basketball, and handball.

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Not Just You: Gmail Was Broken for Millions of People Yesterday

Was your Gmail sluggish or just not working yesterday (Monday)?

You're not the only one. Millions of Gmail users' mail was delayed or was going through without attachments. (Betcha thought those other idiots just forgot to attach them, right?)

Other users experienced problems with Google Docs and Google Presentations

Here's what Google said (in part) about the Gmail problem throughout the day.

At 11:45 a.m., Google issued this status update: "The delivery of some messages is being delayed and attachments may fail to download. This issue is affecting less than an estimated 0.024% of the Gmail user base."

By 2:05 p.m., the message was: "Thank you for your patience. The email delays are affecting less than 50% of Gmail users."

At 3 p.m., we heard: "Gmail service has already been restored for some users, and we expect a resolution for all users within the next 1 hours. Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change."

At 4 p.m.: "Gmail service has already been restored for some users, and we expect a resolution for all users within the next 3 hours. Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change."

At 7 p.m.: "Gmail message delivery delays and attachment download issues have been corrected for most affected users. A majority of the delivery backlog has also been cleared. We hope to clear the backlog completely in the very near future."

The final message read in part: "Gmail message delivery and attachment download is functioning normally for all users. We apologize for the duration of today's event; we're aware that prompt email delivery is an important part of the Gmail experience, and today's experience fell far short of our standards. We have analyzed the data on user impact and are providing a preliminary assessment of what occurred:

"Between 0554 and 1530 Pacific Time today, 29.1% of messages received by Gmail users were delayed. The average (median) delay was just 2.6 seconds, but some mail was more severely delayed..."

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9-1-1 Works Fine, FDNY Says, After Taking Over 40 Minutes to Find Brooklyn New School

Maybe they should try Google Maps.
 The reason an injured child was left without an ambulance for 40+ minutes at the Brooklyn New School at Rapelye and Hicks Streets, FDNY says, was because this intersection can be found on both sides of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.

It took seven frantic phone calls before emergency workers finally reached the child.

NY1 reports: "The fire department says it will make a note of the school's location to avoid confusion in the future, but that confirming addresses on a map in general is not part of the city's 911 protocol."

Nope, don't see any problem here.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

A Tough Field at the Brooklyn Heights Dog Show

Photos by MK Metz
How was the Brooklyn Heights Dog Show on Sunday? It was RUFF! barked one of the competitors, and the judges had to agree.

How to pick the cutest, sweetest, and most talented? There were 60 adorable pooches, and they all deserved ribbons.

But only 10 took home prizes. "Just wait till next year!" said this little ball of fur and love.

The full list of winners is here.

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A Sampling from the 2013 Brooklyn Book Festival

Photos by MK Metz
A beautiful day, thousands of book lovers, hundreds of authors, panels, readings, talks, and books, books, books -- that was the 2013 Brooklyn Book Festival.

It's like a living bookstore, with authors popping up to talk about their work -- from comics to religion to humor, love, cooking, or government spying.

Haven't heard the official count yet but the lines to all the talks were long and the crowds were big.

People lined up to buy books by their favorite authors then lined up again to have them signed. Above, Katherine Applegate, signing "The One and Only Ivan." (This is the book that won the 2013 Newbery Award.)

Lois Lowry, the winner of this year's Best of Brooklyn Award (and Newbery winner), signs "The Giver," soon to be a movie.

Pete Hamill, writer of fiction, nonfiction, a journalist and an all-around Brooklyn landmark, spoke about his nostalgia for the Brooklyn of old. (Nostalgia: "An ache for people, places and things that no longer exist.")

Cartoonist Adrian Tomine (you've seen his New Yorker covers) says Brooklyn inspires him. "There's very little translation between what I see on my walks to the market and what I put on the page."

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Boro Parks' Questionable Crime Cams; Cranberry Street Fair; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Boro Park gets crime cameras. [Brooklyn Eagle] BUT: Haredi rabbis "who cover up child abuse" to have complete control over the cameras. [Failed Messiah]

- Eric Adams, Brooklyn's next BP, talks to the Daily News about his plans. [NYDN]

- Cranberry Street Fair will take place October 5. [BHB]

- Williamsburg Vanessa's dumplings shut down for "Operating Illegally." [Gothmist]

- Animal rights protest over long-time chicken slaughterhouse in Greenpoint. Newest residents don't like the smell, feathers. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Handicapping the race for City Council speaker. [Crain's NY]

- Joe Lhota suggests Bill de Blasio has "No Soul." [Politicker]

- Here's a list of yesterday's Emmy winners. [Vulture]

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Report: Dead Body Found in Prospect Park

NY Scanner reports just after midnight Sunday night/ Monday morning that a dead body was found in Prospect Park.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brooklyn Book Festival 2013: Some Suggestions for Today

Photo: MK Metz
Book lovers rejoice: The Brooklyn Book Festival takes place today from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. at Brooklyn Borough Hall and surrounding area.

This free day of all things literate presents talks by famous and emerging authors, panel discussions, readings and performances (schedule here).

Here are a few suggestions if you haven't has a chance to read over the entire schedule:

 11:00 A.M. Borough Hall Courtroom: Who? New! Five of the year’s most impressive debut novelists who will read from their work: A.X. Ahmad (The Caretaker), Caleb Crain (Necessary Errors), Ursula DeYoung (Shorecliff), Michele Forbes (Ghost Moth), and Ayana Mathis (The Twelve Tribes of Hattie).

12:00 P.M. Main Stage: Poets Laureate Past and Present Reading: Tina Chang (Brooklyn Poet Laureate), Ashley August (New York Youth Poet Laureate), Marie Howe (New York State Poet Laureate) and Charles Simic (US Poet Laureate 2007-08) read from their work. Introduced by Alice Quinn, Poetry Society of America.

1:00 P.M. St. Francis Auditorium: Brooklyn Book Festival Presents Lois Lowry, 2013 BoBi Honoree: Newbery award-winning author of The Giver and Number the Stars. A star in youth literature, admired for writing about dystopian societies and the importance of cherishing human connections. In conversation with 2013 Newbery Medalist Katherine Applegate (The One and Only Ivan).

2:00 P.M. Main Stage: Love, Villainy, Ethics and Karaoke: Chuck Klosterman and Rob Sheffield in Conversation.  Essayist, novelist and New York Times "Ethicist" Chuck Klosterman (I Wear the Black Hat: Grappling with Villains Real and Imagined) and Rolling Stone scribe and memoirist Rob Sheffield (Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals of Love and Karaoke) grapple with issues of life and love, fantasy and more.  Moderated by Ed Park.

2:00 P.M. St. Francis Auditorium: The Future: Big New Books in Comics Sci-Fi.  Award-winners Jeff Smith (RASL), Paul Pope (One-Trick Rip-Off) and Faith Erin Hicks (Last of Us) discuss their new books, some of the best, genre-bending sci-fi comics today. Moderated by Calvin Reid, Publishers Weekly Comics World. Featuring screen projection.

3:00 P.M. Borough Hall Courtroom: The Faces of Brooklyn: Brooklyn enthusiasts Pete Hamill (The Christmas Kid), Adelle Waldman (The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.) and Adrian Tomine (New York Drawings). Moderated by Penina Roth (Franklin Park Reading Series).

4:00 P.M. St. Francis Auditorium: Art Spiegelman and Jules Feiffer in Conversation: Pulitzer-Prize winning graphic novelist Art Spiegelman's newest release, Co-Mix, is a career retrospective that covers his work from Raw to Maus to the New Yorker. Joined by Jules Feiffer (Out of Line: The Art of Jules Feiffer), also a Pulitzer winner, they discuss their long careers in comics art and future plans for their work. Featuring screen projection. Moderated by Benjamen Walker, host of the WFMU radio show Too Much Information.

The day is also full of readings and events for kids and tiny tykes.

Several Bookend events take place later today (separate Bookend schedule here).

Also today in Brooklyn Heights: Summer Space and the Brooklyn Heights Dog Show.

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The Brooklyn Heights Dog Show and Summer Space Today, Too (Sunday, Sept. 22)

A previous winner. Photos by MK Metz
Take a break from the Brooklyn Book Festival today to visit Summer Space on Montague Street and the Brooklyn Heights Dog Show.

The Dog Show starts at 3 p.m. and always draws a crowd. Categories include Most Talented, Best Kisser, Cutest Outfit, and many more.

Other Summer Space events include giant chess on the street, crafts with Etsy, yoga, AfroBrazilian Samba Reggae by Batala New York City (an all women’s drumming band ), dance performances by Brooklyn Ballet's Youth Ensemble and more.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Cop in Carroll Park; Lundy's on Fire; Beyoncé and More Brooklyn Briefs

- After Monday's rumble in Carroll Park, a cop is now stationed there from 3 - 6 p.m. [PMFA]

- Fire at the historic Lundy’s building in Sheepshead Bay. [Brooklyn Daily]

- Ex-Domino Sugar owner fights $185M Two Trees sale on appeal. [TRD]

- VIDEO: Beyoncé grants a wish for handicapped Brooklyn author Atiba Clarke. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Japanese rock trio The's (who famously appeared in Kill Bill) are set to play on October 27 at The Bell House. [Brooklyn Vegan]

- De Blasio says he will 'Wacksky Yassky If Elected Mayorsky' [BHB]

- Brooklyn paranormal group putting together a ghost busting squad. [Brokelyn]

- It's hockey night in Brooklyn. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Why going to the hospital could be the deadliest thing you ever do. [Pro Publica]

- How the message "You retard" was printed inside the cap of a bottle of Vitaminwater. [Yahoo

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Thanks everybody, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Photo courtesy

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What Do You Have to Do to NOT Get Security Clearance with the Navy?

Aaron Alexis. FBI photo
Washington Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis once shot live rounds at a man's car and, in another incident, through his ceiling to the apartment of a woman who annoyed him.

Now we learn that Rhode Island police warned the U.S. Navy last month that Alexis had reported "hearing voices." [Reuters] Alexis told police he believed people were following him and "sending vibrations into his body." Reuters also reports that the Navy gave Alexis an honorable discharge despite "a series of eight to 10 misconduct charges, ranging from traffic offenses to disorderly conduct."

He had been treated since August by Veterans Affairs for his mental problems, but the Navy had not declared him mentally unfit.

Why  is it that obviously disturbed individuals like Alexis can waltz right through Navy security, but elderly handicapped individuals with walkers must endure strip searches before flying to Omaha?

Alexis opened fire at the Naval Sea Systems Command on Monday, killing 12 people before police shot him dead.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bloomberg's Controversial School-Closer Moving to Walmart

By Derek Bridges, Flickr
The man who spearheaded Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial school closures and co-locations, Marc Sternberg, will be leaving the city to work at a foundation run by Walmrt heirs, the Walton Family Foundation.

Mayor Bloomberg called Sternberg “a spirited and devoted champion for school choice."

New Yorkers for Great Public Schools said Sternberg "was a key member of the Bloomberg education regime that has starved public schools of resources and established unfair competition between charters and public schools."

Mayoral frontrunner Bill de Blasio has called for a moratorium on Bloomberg’s unpopular school closings and co-locations.

More at the Brooklyn Eagle and Gotham Schools.

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Cost of NYC Public Advocate Runoff Could Pay for More Than 6 Years of Public Advocate

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Aaron Alexis; McCarren Park; One Last Primary Runoff; and More Brooklyn Briefs

Really? (De Blasio, Cuomo, Thompson) Photo: De Blasio

- City OKs McCarren Park expansion, but drivers lose 34 parking spaces. [Brooklyn Paper]

- Sounds like the tale of two cities applies to NYC schools, too. [NY1]

- Now that Bill Thompson has stepped down, only one primary runoff still remains: the race for public advocate. And it's more important than you think. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- You can get a de Blasio House Party Kit here. [Host-An-Event]

- Slope woman left homeless by house collapse has been sleeping on her stoop. [Brooklyn Paper]

- On November 5th, New Yorkers will vote on six ballot proposals, including authorizing casino gaming. [NYV Votes]

- Sadly, the bewildered family of Aaron Alexis, the Washington Navy Yard shooter, lives in Bed-Stuy. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- NYC from the air, early 20th Century. Where's midtown? [BeschlossDC]

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer Space Draws Crowd on Montague Street; Number 2 Comes next Sunday

Photos by MK Metz
What a beautiful day for Summer Space on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights on Sunday. Kids (and grownups, too) got to play giant chess on the street, make buttons with BAM, craft with Etsy, take a tour and other relaxing stuff.

Restaurants gave out samples and offered discounts.

The Uni Project brought in its cool pop-up library.

If you missed it, don't be sad -- a second Summer Space is coming next Sunday (same day as the Brooklyn Book Festival).

Next Sunday's Summer Space includes the popular and always amusing Brooklyn Heights Dog Show.

Summer Space is sponsored by the Montague Street BID; giant chess by New York Chess & Games (courtesy of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle).

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Person Possibly Impaled on Fence in Williamsburg

Metropolitan Avenue and Rodney Street. Google Maps
From the scanner: A call came in at roughly 8:25 p.m. Sunday night that a person was possibly impaled on a fence at Metropolitan Avenue and Rodney Street in North Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Emergency crews are rushing to the location to investigate. Will update if more information comes in.

UPDATE: At roughly 9:10 p.m. a report of a 16-year-old with a gate stuck in his arm came over the scanner. The address listed for this was in Bed-Stuy, near Thompson Street and Throop Avenue. It is not known if this is related to the above incident.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Why Pierson Lost; Brooklyn D.A. Office Accusations; and More Brooklyn Briefs

Ad shoot makes it Christmas in DUMBO. MK Metz
 - Brooklyn photographer mashes up old grisly crime scenes with today's NYC streets. [Gizmodo]

- Five reasons why Stephen Pierson lost to Steve Levin in Council D33 Democratic primary. [BHB]

- The fastest-growing groups of newcomers to Brooklyn are immigrants from China and young men under the age of 30 from the Midwest. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Democrats agonize with Bill Thompson: Should he stay or should he go? [NY Daily News]

- The Great Irish Fair is this weekend in Coney Island. [GIF]

- Is there suspicious behavior going on at the Brooklyn D.A.'s office right now? [Failed Messiah]

- Even more bars opening up in Williamsburg. [Observer]

- Love Land Mews in Brooklyn Heights sells out. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Verizon gives up the fight to ditch land line service in Fire Island. [Bloomberg]

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De Blasio Hauls in Endorsements at Brooklyn Rally

Bill de Blasio surrounded by supporters. Letitia James, right. Photo: MK Metz
In a post-primary surge, Democratic mayoral frontrunner Bill de Blasio announced on Thursday a boatload of endorsements from unions and prominent individuals, on the very crowded steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall.

Many of the union leaders call de Blasio a progressive reformer, and pledged the support of thousands of members as the election effort rolls out.

De Blasio focused on several major problems facing the city: the gap between rich and poor; pre-K and afterschool programs; stop & frisk; affordable housing; and healthcare for all.

Second-place finisher Bill Thompson is holding out until thousands of paper ballots are counted before deciding whether to drop out or participate in a runoff.

De Blasio received endorsements on Thursday from:

Héctor Figueroa, President of 32BJ SEIU
Peter Ward, President of the Hotel Trades Council
Working Families Party (WFP)
Congressman Jerry Nadler
Stuart Appelbaum, President of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU)
United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1500
Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz
Former Congresswoman and NYC Comptroller Liz Holtzman
Planned Parenthood of NYC Political Committee
Assembly Member and Chair of the NYS Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, and Asian Legislative Caucus Karim Camara
Assembly Member Deborah Glick
Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal
Assembly Member Nily Rozic
Assembly Member Phil Goldfeder
Assembly Member Michael Simanowitz
Assembly Member Gabriela Rosa
Assembly Member Rafael Espinal
Assembly Member Dick Gottfried
Assembly Member Michael Miller
State Senator Dan Squadron
State Senator Kevin Parker
State Senator Brad Hoylman
State Senator Gustavo Rivera
State Senator Joe Addabbo
State Senator Martin Dilan
Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez
Council Member Tish James
Council Member Donovan Richards
Council Member Margaret Chin
Council Member Erik Dilan
Council Member Danny Dromm
Council Member Steve Levin
Council Member Jimmy Vacca
Council Member Dan Garodnick
Former Council and Assemblymember Guillermo Linares
City Council candidate Ritchie Torres
City Council candidate Carlos Menchaca
City Council candidate Corey Johnson
City Council candidate Helen Rosenthal
City Council candidate Antonio Reynoso
Democratic nominee for Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson
United Auto Workers (UAW) Region 9A
Communication Workers of America (CWA) Local 1180 President Arthur Cheliotes
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 891 President Robert Troeller
International Union of Operating Engineers Local Unions 94, 94A, and 94B President Kuba Brown
District Leader Mark Levine
District Leader Paula Melendez
District Leader Corey Provost
District Leader Frank Gulluscio
Former Community Board 1 Chairperson of Lower Manhattan Julie Menin

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Christine Quinn's Labor Supporters Are Jumping to de Blasio

Bill de Blasio, by MK Metz
 Yesterday we heard pundits say that Quinn's supporters would jump to Bill Thompson in a mayoral runoff.

But today we learn that The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union and United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500 have joined SEIU 32BJ and 1199's healthcare workers to back Bill de Blasio.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Mr. de Blasio has just over 40 percent of the vote. But Mr. Thompson has vowed not to concede until thousands of paper ballots are counted.

Maybe union pressure will cause Thompson to reconsider.

More at Politicker.

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