Monday, September 9, 2013

Election Eve in Brooklyn, Robocalls Up the Wazoo

Just back back from a trip when the phone rang. It was Nydia Velázquez robocalling, asking us to vote for Stephen Pierson for City Council in District 33. (He's running against incumbent Stephen Levin.)

About five minutes later, Marty Markowitz robocalled asking us to vote for Levin. Marty's robocall was chattier. You almost felt you were talking to the real Borough President.

Then a happy-sounding guy called (live) and asked us to vote for "Anybody but Quinn." We said we would, and that made him happier.

A confused-sounding man called requesting us to vote for Pierson. When I told him Markowitz had just called recommending Levin, he asked, "So you gonna do it?"

Meanwhile, Levin tweeted: "Source says @pierson4council planning fake Vito Lopez robocall endorsing me. Hope it's just ugly rumor & not something my opponent would do." We've been waiting by the phone -- Vito, you never call!

We have to run out and do some shopping. Sorry we're not home, politicians! We'll get back to you tomorrow, for sure.

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