Thursday, September 26, 2013

Neither Squadron Nor James Have to Worry Much About Money, for Now

Photos: MK Metz
After a lot of noise and smoke from her opponent Sen. Daniel Squadron, Council Member Tish James, running in a close fight for public advocate, released her 2012 income tax forms on Wednesday.

According to Capital NY, James reported collecting $44,000 in rent, and used some of that money to pay the mortgage on her property, which last year cost more than $18,000. James earns more than $120,000 for her work as a City Council member. She originally failed to disclose her rental income.

Suadron released his tax returns in July (also under duress) showing he and his wife earned more than $260,000 in combined income. Losing public advocate candidate Reshma Saujani had branded Squadron "Trust Fund Dan."

Both Squadron and James have criticized the other for not revealing enough about their finances. But the only real take-away for us is neither one is broke, at least this year.

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Anonymous said...

It's your blog so you can write what you want, but you used to have interesting Brooklyn stuff and not have all this class warfare save LICH stuff. I think we get that you favor DeBlasio, want to save LICH and eat the rich, but I prefer the prior version of McBrooklyn that picked up on interesting stories from other blogs, was a local information aggregator and told us about our local neighborhood(s).

Anonymous said...

And I prefer that we save LICH, elect de Blasio Mayor, and tax the wealthy appropriately.