Monday, September 30, 2013

Scenes From Sunday's 2013 Atlantic Antic

Photos by Mary Frost
We couldn't have asked for a finer day for this year's Atlantic Antic, which attracted a mellow crowd of thousands to Atlantic from Hicks Street to Fourth Avenue.

This year's corn was the sweetest we've ever tasted.

Music filled the streets and changed block by block. There were rockers, Gospel singers, Island music, and Arabic classics and belly dancing. Above, Brandi & the Alexanders had the crowd dancing at Hanks Saloon.

The Transit Museum displayed some of their vintage buses and trucks. Above is a 1930s-era Double Decker "Z-type." Inside was wooden accents, cushioned seats and roll-down windows.

Kids got to honk the horn in giant trucks, including this tunnel-cleaner truck with big brushes.

The nurses from the New York State Nurses Association collected signatures on a petition to save Long Island College Hospital (LICH).

Don't shoot!

There was a section reserved for kids activities next to the Transit area. Here kids were putting together modular tracks for the trains.

What a day! The Atlantic Antic is truly the best street fair in New York City.

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