Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Now There Is a 'Brooklyn Hair Weather Forecast'

For all those who have been wishing and hoping for a Brooklyn Hair Weather Forecast, your wishes have come true.

AccuWeather has partnered with abc7 to bring Brooklynites an up-to-the-minute, science-powered "hair frizz forecast."

Today is "Unlikely for hair frizz" in Brooklyn, according to the forecast.The fabulous hair weather will continue until next Monday, when a Hair Frizz Watch will be in effect.

The Watch continues until Friday, October 4, when a Hair Frizz Advisory has been declared.

And from October 6 - 9, a full-blown Hair Frizz Warning is in effect.

You should consider stockpiling mousse, hair spray, conditioner and calmer.

For those not living in Brooklyn, take heart. AccuWeather provides a hair frizz forecast for many other major metropolitan areas as well.

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