Monday, April 14, 2008

Otterness 'Large Covered Wagon' Installed in Dumbo

It's a grand sculpture installed over the weekend on Washington Street at Prospect, and we'd really like to feel more positive about it.

The dog thing has changed our whole perception of the artist and this event.

UPDATE: Otterness apologizes here.

Photos by MK Metz

- Dog Killing Past Still Haunts Otterness as Sculpture Comes to Dumbo
- Brooklyn Stonehenge


Anonymous said...

sorry mcbrooklyn but i've almost had it here. i want this place to be more than learning info, i want it to into the action mode.

this cute and bubbly artist, we have since learned made his bones off of killing a dog he adopted and filming it to further his career.

i'm sure he'd claim the genius/artist defense--but we don't know since mcbrooklyn hasn't called him for a response.

please do, can you? while you're at it please call mobile mutts on 4th street--i've heard great things about them--but ask them and their clients if they know that a noted rich, assh7ole dog killer has moved in next door.
he is a millionaire now and who knows what more sick shit he has planned.

this is a disgrace and if my pooch were still with me i'd walk him over there and ask him to take a big messy crap allover otternesses covered wagon stained with blood.

is there no more shame, does he still conduct studio tours for unsuspecting families and kids (and dog owners)?, does anyone still care?, is their a statue of limitations for shooting a dog mcbrooklyn?

otterness owes us a response or this thing has got to go, what say you mcbrooklyn can you work on this, make some calls at least a picture of mobile mutts and otterness next door licking his chops thinking if he shoots some more and youtubes it his work will go from 6 to 7 figures?
what say you mcbrooklyn, are you a friend of the four legs who cannot blog themselves

mcbrooklyn said...

Dear 10:04,
We have sent an email to Mr. Otterness and are awaiting his response.

Anonymous said...

A film worth viewing (and to be made):

'Crapping on otterness"

location: where this scuplture is

time: TBD

Anyone in?

Anonymous said...

10:04 i hear your frustration, but let's not blame the messenger. mcbrooklyn is bringing this to light and may already have caused some discomfort in otternesses shorts.

the nysun article said that the official unveiling was supposed to be april 15th, but nevertheless, it's already there. perhaps more eyes are reading this and they put it in early to avoid otterness having to show up.

if in fact there is still a ceremony scheduled for tomorrow the 15th, i suggest that the "artist" circle his wagons (blood stained as one commenter said, as they may be).

my guess is that he dont have the nads to show.

Anonymous said...

If this guy really has his studio next door to a dog walking place, that would be...too much. Even for an "artist.'

Please tell me he has been secretly giving his money to a doggie-hospital-shelter and mea-culping for 30 years. and if pressed, has deep regret. Something, anything.

But if no expressed remorse and is really next door to Mobile Mutts than thats.... one really sick kitty...

Keep up the great work Mcbrooklyn!!!

Anonymous said...

The unveiling will still probably be on the 15th, but it's not uncommon for these things to go up early.

You would think that he would give back to animal shelters if it really haunted him. Instead dgs get nothing instead of bullets.

Anonymous said...

In light of this new information, I guess the saying "it's a dog-eat-dog world" is not always true.

Otterness, feel comfort knowing that dogs will pissandcrap on your grave.

Anonymous said...

12:18 "Will Still Probably", which is it man?

And get a time as well please.Suggest you contact The Two Trees.

Thanks, as
Us dogs can't be out all day

Anonymous said...

The sign in the bottom photo has the time of the event.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 1:13, So 5:30 the 15th it is!

Instead of a Perp walk, what if he had to walk through a few rows of pooches? Can try and get the Squibb Hill crew together, anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Otterness gives artist's a bad name. Most wont or havn't killed dogs for career prosperity.

He's richand getting richer and the dog is dead.
This sucks.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear his response: Shot the Dog to Save the Fleas.
IMO as a very public artist, I think he needs to make a very public statement (a)apologize (B) not apologize .

Willing to forgive, but the longer that he is silent feels like he is flipping me and my rosco the big bird.

Anonymous said...

Even dead dogs can still bark at night...he wont respond and he wont show.

Jigs up for this dogkiller/profiteer.

Anonymous said...

I second 244, he will be a no show tomorrow as he doesn't have the "nads" , the peach melbas nor the good grace to face his past and present.t

Anonymous said...

This has gotten so weird. Have to keep remembering that it was otterness who shot the dog, and otterness who still says nothing about it. selfish. selfish
I feel bad for the Ebony Hillbillies. This was supposed to be fun.

Anonymous said...

and the truth shall set you free...

Anonymous said...

Mcbrooklyn, I wonder if otterness and the DUMBO Improvement Director leaving(?/vacancy are somehow related?

Anonymous said...

i wish he could take back his actions, instead, all of his art smacks of moral grandstanding.

Anonymous said...

In the otterness world: better to be a Fat Cat than a Dead Dog

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:24 you were quoted in the Eagle article.

Anonymous said...

The man has apologized many times over the years. This is not news. This is almost as irrelevant as demanding Jimmy Carter apologize again for the "lusting in my heart" comment from 1976.

Anonymous said...

832: At Least JC's Cardigan wasn't made of dog's skin which he shot. You're an idiot. (And you're obviously a geezer as well if you remember that comment)

Anonymous said...

Hey 832 you are even more irrelevant for putting Jimmy C. in the same sentence as otterness.
go swim in the gowanus