Friday, April 4, 2008

Bomb Scare Near Brooklyn Marriott

We were attending an event near Metrotech yesterday when there was a big commotion outside on Jay Street. A bunch of emergency vehicles screamed past, then a fire engine. As we peered out the window, trying to see what was happening, some EMTs pushing a gurney ran by and people started running south.

We snapped a quick photo and then (as soon as we could extract ourselves) tried to run outside to Jay Street. Police prevented us from going out the Jay Street door, however -- we had return to the building and go out another exit.

Turns out there was a suspicious suitcase parked on the Jay Street sidewalk behind the Marriott. It also turns out, according to the Brooklyn Eagle, that the same building houses the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, the New York City Law Department and the Secret Service! So an unattended suitcase probably caught someone's eye pretty quick.

The bomb squad had dealt with the suitcase by the time we got there, but the Brooklyn Eagle has more details.

Photo by MK Metz

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