Monday, November 30, 2009

How to Apply for Food Stamps in Brooklyn

Do you find that you've cut way back on your food purchases lately because you can't afford it?

The New York Times published a story Sunday saying that food stamp use at record highs. Food stamps now help feed one in eight Americans and one in four children.

But many folks don't even realize that they're eligible for food stamps. If you are still working but your hours have been cut, you may be newly eligible.

A single person with a gross monthly income of $1,174 (that's $14,088 a year) is eligible. A family of two can gross $1,579 monthly ($18,948/year) and under; a family of three needs to gross $1,984 a month or less ($23,808/year) to be eligible -- or up to $ 36,624 a year if there's an elderly or disabled person in the family. And so it goes -- see here for larger families.

Note that other factors come into play, such as expenses. According to the state, your savings aren't held against you. The only way to be sure you're eligible is to apply.

There are eight food stamp centers in Brooklyn. Here's the list. But you may not even have to go in person if you're working, disabled or a senior.

Here is the city's online guide to applying for food stamps. (You can also call 3-1-1 to get started.) You can be working and still get food stamps. People on Social Security have an easier time getting food stamps. Here's the city's food stamp calculator to see if you're eligible. (We also tried the state's food stamp calculator and found it a bit quicker.)

If you need emergency assistance, go to a food pantry. Here's the city's phone number for pantries; here's a story about one in Brooklyn Heights.

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Brooklyn Doorman Wins $1,000 a Week for Life, and More Brooklyn Briefs

- A 33-year-old Brooklyn doorman wins $1000 a week for life in the New York State Lottery. ABC

- Eddy Sanchez, the Pratt student who was brutally mugged in August, is out of the rehab center and has begun to walk again. The Local/Ft. Greene

- A new candy store is expected to open in DUMBO in time for the holidays. Brooklyn Eagle

- Three weeks after receiving its 501(c) status, a Bed-Stuy community organization was robbed and now has to start over from scratch. They even stole the vacuum cleaner. Bed Stuy Blog

- What to do with all those leftover parsnips: Parsnip Pancakes! Not Eating Out in New York

- The Dandelion Boutique has replaced a long-time jewelry store on Court Street in Carroll Gardens. Pardon Me For Asking

- The New Jersey Nets fired coach Lawrence Frank on Sunday after losing their first 16 games. Huffington Post

- New York Magazine lists movies with Oscar buzz for this holiday season. NYM

- Get the kids and put on your walking shoes: Mommy Poppins has put together a holiday window itinerary. Mommy Poppins

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Brooklyn -- Thanksgiving Sales All Weekend

If you didn't hit the stores Friday, don't worry, sales are continuing on Saturday and in some cases, Sunday. Macy's, for example, continues their Thanksgiving Sale from 8 a.m. till 1 p.m. Saturday. Here's a ten dollar savings pass. And here's a 15% off Wow Pass good for this weekend as well.

Racked has mapped out some of the best Black Friday deals in Brooklyn -- places like Fred Flare and Bird are knocking off from 25 - 40%. Most of them continue all weekend.

Saturday is Target's second day of its two-day sale. The flyer is here.

IKEA is giving away breakfast and encouraging folks to "Seize the Day."

Old Navy is offering great doorbusters -- $15 jeans for adults, $10 for kids, for example. See them here.

Fulton Street has thrown itself enthusiastically into Thanksgiving sales. Lane Bryant, for example, has knocked 40% off most items.

Don't forget the ShopBrooklyn promotion. Brooklyn retailers, restaurants, bars, and other service providers are offering special “Brooklyn Bonuses” every weekend through December 25. Models, for example, is giving a 10% Brooklyn Bonus; so is Sids Hardware. (Borough President Marty Markowitz with civic and business leaders kicked off the Shop Brooklyn promotion in Fort Greene, as seen in the above photo by Kathryn Kirk.)

Want to spend less? Go from cheap to cheaper at ABC Super Store at 427 Fulton Street.

In Brooklyn Heights, Montague Jewelers (at 212 Montague Street) is offering 50% off all jewelry this weekend.

Photos by MK Metz; Shop Brooklyn/Marty Markowitz photo by Kathryn Kirk.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Trader Joe's Expands Hours in Brooklyn

We've been saying this ever since Trader Joe's opened in Brooklyn: "Why don't they open earlier?"

Now, as if by wizardry, a sign appears: Trader Joe's is now open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Their old hours were 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.) Yay! We can get the shopping done in the morning now.

Some previous Trader Joe's posts.

Photo by MK Metz
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NYC: We're Looking Into It

Here's one of the city's new "We're Looking Into it" signs. Apparently, you can call 3-1-1 and tell them the ticket number in order to get information.

It was stuck on some new asphalt near the corner of Clark and Henry Streets in Brooklyn Heights.

Photo by MK Metz

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Sending Donations To Mom Who Lost Her Family In Crown Heights Fire

Central Brooklyn Council Member Al Vann sends word that donations for Rose Etienne, the Crown Heights mother who lost her partner and their two sons in a fire last Wednesday, can be made payable to:

Hebron Seventh Day Adventist Church, 1256 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11216
In the memo portion, please note “For the Jean Family”

Council Member Vann is working with Ms. Etienne, her family, church and residents as she prepares to fly her partner Myrtel, 42, and their two sons, Fabrice, 2, and Sebastian, 1, back to Haiti for burial.

“During this holiday season, this family needs our prayers and our monetary assistance in their time of grief,” said Vann. “I am confident that the residents of the 36th district as well as many other New Yorkers will open their hearts and wallets to lend a necessary hand.”

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Brooklyn Portfolio: One Month Report

It's been a month, so we thought it would be a good time to see how The Brooklyn Portfolio is doing.

The portfolio (the Brooklyn Fund put together by McBrooklyn and McBrooklyn readers) became a reality Friday, October 23,2009 with the purchase of 10 shares of eight different Brooklyn-related stocks or ADRs.

We are pleased to report that the fund, as of Nov. 25, is up 8.72 %.

This compares favorably to the S&P 500, which gained 2.87% during the same time period. (Future performance has nothing to do with past performance.)

Here are the initial stocks and their cost when we purchased them on Oct. 23:

National Grid plc (ADR) - NGG - 48.22/share * 10 shares = 482.20
Pfizer Inc. - PFE - 17.25/share * 10 shares = 172.50
Bristol Myers Squibb Co. - BMY - 22.24/share * 10 shares = 222.40
Corning Incorporated - GLW - 15.65/share * 10 shares = 156.50
Nathan's Famous - NATH - 14.38/share * 10 shares = 143.80
Dime Community Bancshares - DCOM - 11.59/share * 10 shares = 115.90
Novartis AG (ADR) - NVS - 51.89/share * 10 shares = 518.90
Brooklyn Federal Savings Bank - BFSB - 12.10/share * 10 shares = 121.00

Performance (click on chart to enlarge):
The initial cost of the all the shares was $1933.20. The shares are now worth $2,101.70, a gain of $168.50.

As can be seen from the chart above, National Grid and Bristol Myers Squibb soared this month, gaining 16.67% and 15.33 % respectively. Pfizer, Corning and Novartis are each up roughly 7.7% this month. Nathan's and Dime Bank are both down slightly, a bit over 1% each. The only loser of note during the first month of the Brooklyn Portfolio's existence is Brooklyn Federal Bancorp, which sank 6.36%.

(At this point we are not including dividend yields nor are we subtracting fees to purchase the stocks. We'll add these at the end of the year.)

To read about the history of The Brooklyn Portfolio and the stocks that make it up, see the following links:

- The Brooklyn Portfolio: Fully Funded and Ready for Business
- The Brooklyn Portfolio Takes Shape
- The Brooklyn Portfolio: Investing In Brooklyn

Photo by Don Hankins, Creative Commons license

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 In Brooklyn: Where To Go, What To Eat

- OffManhattan has compiled a list of the eight best Prix Fixe Thanksgiving dinners in Brooklyn.

- Kristen at has put together her selections for where to place your orders for pies and cookies; where to eat; where to work out after you eat; and where to snag some Black Friday deals.

- If someone invites you to Thanksgiving you better not show up empty handed. BrooklynBased has put together suggestions for gifts that will get you invited back.

- The Heights & Hills Thanksgiving Dinner at Grace Church serves elderly and homebound persons. This is a great place to volunteer as well. Brooklyn Eagle

- A Good Samaritan in Crown Heights has bought enough food for a hungry family. Prove to them you really need it and don't be greedy. Craigslist

- Where can you eat a kosher Thanksgiving meal in Brooklyn? Chowhound knows.

- Picky in-laws for Thanksgiving in Brooklyn? Chowhound to the rescue again.

- Go ice skating! The Wollman Rink opens Thanksgiving day. Heart of Brooklyn

- Go to the zoo. The Prospect Park Zoo is open and you'll even see Franklin, a LIVE wild turkey, strutting around the barn. Brooklyn Eagle

- Not Eating Out In New York gives us some delicious Thanksgiving leftovers recipes.

- Have yourself a dumpster Thanksgiving! The Freegans of New York City are going dumpster diving tonight through some of Brooklyn's mist "fruitful" bins. Umm, bring gloves. Brokelyn

Photo by CarbonNYC

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lighting Up Court Street for the Holidays

Court Street just north of Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights looks pretty festive lately.

Photo by MK Metz

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Brooklyn Children's Museum: Thanksgiving Weekend Programs

Are you going to be celebrating Thanksgiving weekend with children? Considering bringing them to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. The BCM has a special Thanksgiving program called “Gifts from Nature” from Friday, November 27th to Sunday, November 29th.

Opened extended hours from 10am to 5pm each day, the Museum's holiday offerings highlight science and explore Native American culture.

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Children's Museum

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Brooklyn Woman Judo Master Dies at 74 -- Won Gold Disguised As a Man

Rena "Rusty" Kanokogi, known as the "Mother of Judo" for her role in bringing women's judo to the Olympic Games died at the age of 74.

Back in the bad old 1950's, she competed against men, disguised as a man. But when she was found out, she was forced to give back a gold medal in the YMCA Statewide Judo Championship. (The Prospect Park Y gave her the medal back just this past August.)

Borough President Marty Markowitz called her "a true Brooklyn character in the best sense of the word." Read more about Rusty at the Brooklyn Eagle.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Montague Street Bagels -- Still Owned by Paul, Joe and Fred

The interior of the Montague Street Bagels shop (also known as Hot Bagels, or Hot Bag if the sign is broken) is so spiffy now after renovations that some people are worried that they will no longer be able to get the same awesome bagels.

Previously, the interior was as plain as the bagels were sublime. Can a sublime bagel come from the new, kinda fancy looking shop?

The owners have covered the front window with signs assuring folks that though the store has a new look it still will serve the same bagels, and still has the same owners it's had for the last 15 years: Paul, Joe and Fred.

Anyone try the bagels since the change?

- Bagel Dogs in Brooklyn

Photos by MK Metz
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Danish Seamen's Church Christmas Fair Starts the Holidays Rolling

Did you notice a lot of Danish-speaking folks in Brooklyn Heights this past weekend?

The Christmas season got off to its unofficial start when the The Danish Seamen's Church (Den danske Sømandskirke) on Willow Street held its annual Christmas Fair.

Danish people from all over the city (and locals as well) came to buy Christmas ornaments, ceramic plates, hand-knit clothing, dolls, candles and candy, and to eat delicious Danish dishes.

For the last several years the fair has been celebrated both on Willow Street and at the Zion Lutheran German Church on Henry Street, where Danish open-faced sandwiches like frikadeller (like meatballs only better), roast pork drizzled with chopped beats, orange and prune, and more were served.

More treats were in store at the Danish Seamen's Church's backyard cafe (above), including hotdogs, dough fritters and the delicious hot drink, gløgg.

It was a lovely start to the holiday season.

Photos by MK Metz
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Sahadi's Opens Holiday Gift Shop Next Door to Brooklyn Store

Sahadi's has opened a Holiday Gift Shop right next door to their fabulous store on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights (at 191 Atlantic).

We checked out their Facebook page and saw that a shipment of "adorable chocolate ornaments and novelties for stocking stuffers" just came in.

The shop is open late some nights -- check out Facebook for more.

Top photo by MK Metz
Bottom photo courtesy of Sahadi's

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Kidnapping at Adams and Tillary, and More Brooklyn Briefs

- A perp grabbed a woman's cell phone at Adams and Tillary Street in Downtown Brooklyn and used it as a lure to get her near his van. When she got close enough, he dragged her into the vehicle and took off. Brooklyn Paper UPDATE: The Brooklyn Heights Blog reports this was not a kidnapping attempt, but a domestic dispute. BHB

- A new database of Park Slope parking spaces hopes to connect circling drivers with open spots via text messaging. Brooklyn Eagle.

- Downtown Brooklyn is going Christmas Crazy! Lost City

- Here's how someone made a cloak of invisibility in Brooklyn Bridge Park. DumboNYC

- The percentage of pedestrians killed by cars in New York is nearly three times the national average. Bay Ridge Journal

- Early-bird deadline for the Brooklyn International Film Festival is Nov. 30. OTBKB

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'Shop Brooklyn' Launching Soon

“Shop Brooklyn” is an annual holiday campaign highlighting Brooklyn’s neighborhoods and shopping corridors, urging Brooklynites and visitors to “Shop Local."

Brooklyn retailers, restaurants, bars, and other service providers will offer special “Brooklyn Bonuses” starting November 27 (“Black Friday”—renamed “Brooklyn Friday”) and running through December 25.

Participating retailers will display the “Shop Brooklyn” logo in store windows and will have their special offers posted on (launching Tuesday). Many shops offer 10 percent off or have other specials. When the web site is operating, you'll be able to search by neighborhood or category.

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Comptroller Thompson Turns Down Brooklyn House of Detention Contract, Again

New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr. sent us a statement yesterday regarding his refusal to register the $34 million design contract at the Brooklyn House of Detention. This is the third time that Thompson has turned down the contract.

Here's part of his explanation:

"This boondoggle has been a disaster since day one. Whether the issue was the possibility of corruption in the vendor selection process, lack of community input or ballooning costs, we have clearly shown that this ill-advised project is fundamentally flawed. The money the city wants to spend on this contract would be far better used as a means to reduce class sizes and build more schools.”

Some problems outlined by the Comptroller are:

  • DDC did not properly issue the “Full scope of work” before the first stage evaluations of the proposals took place;
  • Some vendor evaluation sheets had altered scores, but lacked the required signatures by the evaluators who made the alterations;
  • DDC did not provide, as required, documentation that they successfully negotiated a fee with the vendor; and
  • The contract package that was submitted to the Comptroller for registration failed to provide proper signatures on most of the documents, including the contract itself.
According to the Daily News, a Bloomberg advisor said that Thompson had no grounds to block the contract - and would be "hauled into court" if he does. But Bloomberg himself took a softer stance, saying that "if [Thompson] has some real issues, we'll look into them."

In March, Kings County Supreme Court Justice Sylvia Hinds-Radix ruled that the city’s Department of Correction may go forward with its plan to "fully utilize" the Brooklyn House of Detention without going through environmental and land use reviews, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

- Judge: Brooklyn House of Detention Can Reopen
- Brooklyn House of Detention Contract Rejected by Comptroller Thompson
- Anti-Jail Rally on Brooklyn Courthouse Steps Almost Didn't Happen
- 'Stop the Brooklyn House of Detention' Rally
- Don't Get Your Pants In a Twist Over Brooklyn House of Detention, Says Eagle
- Brooklyn House of Detention, Now With Retail
- Goodbye Supersized, Butt Ugly Brooklyn House of Detention Condos, Hello Bigger Jail
- Brooklyn House of Detention Forum Thursday -- Commissioner Horn Will Answer All Your Questions
- House of Detention Site May Be 'Most Valuable Square Block in Downtown Brooklyn'
- Brooklyn House of Detention Could Get 'Super-sized'

Photo by MK Metz

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Children’s Book Fair at Brooklyn Museum This Saturday, Nov. 21

Know any kids? The Brooklyn Museum is hosting its third annual Children’s Book Fair this Saturday, with more than 30 Brooklyn authors and illustrators.

The fair features storybooks, picture books, and graphic novels and will include author readings, a game for children, and café service.

One of our favorite authors/illustrators appearing Saturday will be Melanie Hope Greenberg, who created favorites like "Down in the Subway," "Mermaids On Parade," "Good Morning Digger" and more. The illustration above is from "Mermaids On Parade," a colorful, shimmering book very much in keeping with Coney Island.

Saturday, November 21, 2009 from 12–4 p.m.
Martha A. and Robert S. Rubin Pavilion, 1st Floor
Sponsored by Astoria Federal Savings.

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What Alternate Universe Are We In When the Heights Players Puts On a Gay-Themed Nude Play?

We absolutely love the Heights Players, Brooklyn's beloved little community theater. But generally we associate their compact stage with retellings of the classics and rip-roaring musicals.

They really pack that tiny hall with singers and dancers and we sure feel like we've seen a Broadway show when it's over. (The seats are so close to the stage we actually feel like we've been in a Broadway show when it's over.)

We don't associate the Heights Players, however, with Take Me Out, the bawdy, all-male, gay-themed show that's guaranteed to open the eyes of those in the front row.

“The nudity is going to be everywhere,” says director Fabio Taliercio in a Brooklyn Eagle article entitled "Letting It All Hang Out."

Goodness. It's going to be awfully friendly in there.

What will the sleepy matinee crowd think about this? More here.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Settles It, Brooklyn Is Haunted.

There's been a lot of talk of ghosts and hauntings lately in Brooklyn -- the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel is said to be haunted, for example -- and now we are almost starting to believe it.

We were walking through MetroTech in Downtown Brooklyn yesterday when we came across this most astounding apparition.

A ghostly figure dressed in period clothing, like you might imagine a Pilgrim would wear, appeared right in front of a grove of trees on the north side of MetroTech Commons. The Pilgrim had a pretty solid peg leg but the top of his body, covered by some kind of sheet, seemed to waver between two different realities.

Depending on where we stood, he disappeared, then reappeared.

He seemed very intense, as if he was trying to communicate something important, but we were so unnerved we couldn't make out what he was getting at. Perhaps you should visit MetroTech and see for yourself.

The confounding piece above is called Pilgrim Ghost, 2009, and is by Johannes VanDerBeek. It is part of the show "Double Take" which celebrates "the mysterious over the mundane," sponsored by the Public Art Fund.

Photo by MK Metz
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Red Hook Initiative is Hiring

Here's a job notice from Craig Hammerman of Community Board 6:

- Be a Peer Health Educator: Teenagers 14 - 18 years old. Applications available next week. Year round employment.

- Be a Community Health Educator, adults from Red Hook. No health experience necessary. Complete a 40 hour training and then work 5 - 10 hours each week.

- Tutors with a high school diploma and some college experience needed for work beginning January 2009.

To apply, send an email to or call RHI at (718) 858-6782.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quite a Crowd for Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Tour This Past Sunday

The crowds seemed to be bigger than ever this past Sunday for Bob Diamond's famous tour of the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel. Folks were lined up all along the length of Trader Joe's at Atlantic and Court Streets in Cobble Hill.

Maybe they came after reading the recent article in the Brooklyn Eagle suggesting that the tunnel is haunted. (Seriously.)

Every once in a while a group would detach and move to the center of Atlantic Avenue, protected from traffic by a few sawhorses and a couple of plastic barriers (just a bit more substantial than the simple orange cones used in days past).

Diamond discovered the long-lost tunnel -- which runs under Atlantic Avenue between Boerum Place and Hicks Street) in 1981, after hearing about the legend of a Civil War era rail tunnel on a radio show. After an eight-month search (during which he was repeated advised by City officials to give up on his lost cause) he dramatically uncovered, intact, the world's first subway tunnel.

Once you actually see what you're getting into, it might give you a moment of pause. You do have to climb down a hole which leads deep under Atlantic Avenue!

But you can (probably) do it!

(These tours are for the relatively hardy. Wear sneakers and bring a powerful flashlight.) Also, visit the web site of Diamond's Brooklyn Historic Railway Association.

Some video and photos of the interior here.

- Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Is Probably Haunted
- What's Behind the Wall? Atlantic Ave. Tunnel Mystery
- Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue Tunnel: What's Behind the Wall?
- Let Them Laugh: Bob Diamond's Brooklyn Trolley Idea Gains Traction
- Mole People Back in Brooklyn?
- Lineup For Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Tour
- Brooklyn Spelunking: Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Tours Return

Photos by MK Metz

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A Kid Named Bob Leads Republican Health Care Protest in Brooklyn

A teenager named Bob (he won't give his last name) was the leader of a rally held by the Brooklyn Republican Party to protest the healthcare reform bill passed in the House, denouncing it as “socialism” and calling upon the Senate to pass a measure more akin to GOP liking.

He was backed up by party bigs like Brooklyn Republican Party Chair Craig Eaton and state Sen. Marty Golden.

The high point came when Bob bellowed, “Mr. Obama, tear up this bill!”

We kid you not.

The full story is here.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Mirrors Tilted Wildly Dance/ Art Performance

Triskelion Arts in Williamsburg presents the premiere of Mirrors Tilted Wildly, a two-night engagement on November 20 and 21.

Mirrors Tilted Wildly is a modern showcase of nine performances curated by Marisa Arriaga. This shared evening includes works by artists Sheri Wells, Nancy Hughes, Meredith Blouin of dance project Madame Spaghetti Arms, Ching-I Chang, Zita Nyarady, along with Sarah Beth Oppenheim and Nora Petroliunas, creative masterminds of Pocket Engine.

More here.

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Downtown Brooklyn Transit Study Open House Wednesday, Nov. 18

If you have ideas about improving bus transportation in Downtown Brooklyn, here is your chance to participate:

The Dept. of Transportation (DOT) is holding its second Open House regarding the "Downtown Brooklyn Surface Transit Circulation Study," which focuses on on improving local bus transportation for Downtown Brooklyn residents and visitors.

The meeting takes place this Wednesday, November 18, 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm; presentations at 6:15 pm and 7:00 pm. at:

Brooklyn Borough Hall
209 Joralemon Street, Court Room - 3rd floor
Brooklyn, New York 11201

The notice says:

"NYCDOT is working with MTA-New York City Transit and Downtown Brooklyn Partnership to improve surface transit within Downtown Brooklyn. In this second Open House we will present our view of the future conditions of Downtown Brooklyn as well as some potential improvement options."

Photo by MK Metz
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Last Day to Enter 'Miss G Train' Contest -- Today, Nov. 16

Today -- Monday, Nov. 16, 2009 -- is the last day to enter the Miss G Train contest. Hurry and email your entry describing why YOU are the BEST candidate to wear the Miss G Train sash.

Send a letter to The winner will be crowned November 19th 7-10 PM at the City Reliquary Museum in Williamsburg.

The contest organizers at City Reliquary want you to be creative in presenting yourself as the best candidate for “Miss G Train.” Your descriptive entry will be read to the audience and judges during the pageant.

Costume and music choice will be considered as part of your presentation. See here for more information.

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Brooklyn's Geeks and Freaks and Other Brooklyn Briefs

- The deadline for the Myrtle Avenue Pedestrian Plaza Call for Ideas is TODAY. Clinton Hill Blog

- A Brooklyn rabbinical student wins the WBA title; he met his model wife at Gleason's Gym. Village Voice

- Where can Brooklyn's geeks and freaks meet other eligible singles? At Blush Monkey, of course. OTBKB

- There's a hell of a view from the 51st floor of the new rental in Downtown Brooklyn, the Brooklyner at 111 Lawrence St. Brooklyn Eagle

- 333 Carroll Street -- the building with a horrific growth on top -- finally gets a Stop Work Order. For now. PMFA

- There is a clear link between living to 100 and inheriting a "mutant" enzyme that prevents cells from aging. BBC

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Week's Downtown Brooklyn Traffic Calming Work Schedule

DOT has issued the Downtown Brooklyn Traffic Calming work schedule for the week of 11/16/09:

Monday: Demo at Hicks & Joralemon, Chute Connection at Myrtle & Ashland
Tuesday: Sidewalk installation at Hicks & Joralemon, Chute Connection at Myrtle & Ashland
Wednesday: Conduit installation at Hicks & Joralemon, Chute Connection at Myrtle & Ashland
Thursday: Excavation at Clinton & Union, Chute connection at Myrtle & Adelphi
Friday: Granite curb installation at Clinton & Union, Chute connection at Myrtle & Adelphi
Saturday: On Smith between Schermerhorn & Atlantic (Revised: November 13, 2009)

DOT says that Downtown Brooklyn Traffic Calming Project will institute "state-of-the-art measures that will physically change roadways in a way that will calm traffic, increase overall community safety and benefit non-motorized users."

Thanks to Community Board 6 for this schedule.

- Traffic Calming Project Underway on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights

Photo by MK Metz
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Platinum Brooklyn Parents and Their Platinum Babies Tonight, Nov. 13

We just received word that tonight Friday, Nov. 13, at 9 PM ET, a Brooklyn couple will be featured on WE tv's new show Platinum Babies. (Platinum, as in dripping with money and spending it like crazy on the baby.)

Here's a little blurb from the show:

"Tatyanna, a hip and eco-conscious writer, is not afraid to spend on her second child. Her family belongs to a trendy private lifestyle club in Soho, her friend invites her to a trunk show to preview exclusive maternity wear and the baby's christening happens on a Mediterranean island where the family is flown."

It seems that Tatanna is married to Michele. More details emerge on the show's website:

"They belong to a trendy private family lifestyle club in Soho where she can work out to prepare for her pregnancy and where their son Oscar can play as well. In order to prepare for natural childbirth, Tatyanna also has a doula and acupuncturist on her birthing team.

"An intimate gathering of Tatyanna’s closest friends takes place at a downtown hotel with an elegant meal prepared by the chef and owner and tailored exactly to her liking. Exotic floral displays add to the décor . . ."

The website includes a list of their expenses (and a vendor list so you can buy all that stuff, too). The list includes things like a $3800 Shower luncheon; $1200 Shower florals; $1941 Baby registry; $72 Chicken towels; $485 Organic bedding; $1200 Doula; $2100 Citibabes membership; $400 Trunk Show clothes; $680 Bassinet & Mosquito netting and $600 for a Custom swimsuit. (Where can we get us some of them "chicken towels"?)

Readers left some comments about Platinum Babies. Here's part of one:

This show the worst show I have every seen . . . In this horrible economic times, do we really need a show that conveys the message that . . . in order for your baby to thrive you need to spend $40,000 on a nursery and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on clothes, equipment, etc. . . .

Here's another:

"waaah waaah waaah, so you are poor and you want to whine about it? Go be not platinum elsewhere sweetheart. Platinum is a way of life, and you are just a poor loser. You should be applauding characters like Pete and Jenna for having the courage to show off their platinum lifestyle before the likes of poor losers like you."

Does anyone know Tatanna and Michele? Do they really exist?

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carrie Ahern Open Installation Dance Performance: Sensate. November 18 - 22

Choreographer Carrie Ahern and dancers investigate "boundaries" with the audience in Sensate, a dance performed throughout 4,000sq ft of the Brooklyn Lyceum, November 18-22.

In Sensate, the audience is free to enter and exit the performance spaces anytime between three designated hours, viewing the dance from anywhere they choose in the space. More at Brooklyn Lyceum

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smART Brooklyn Gallery Hop Nov. 21-22

We received this notice about this year's smART Brooklyn Gallery Hop:

RSVP now for FREE transportation to 70 art galleries in Brooklyn's “gallery districts”

On Saturday, November 21 and Sunday, November 22, 70 participating Brooklyn art galleries will offer visitors outstanding exhibitions and refreshments as well as a unique opportunity to learn more about Brooklyn’s expanding art scene and galleries during the second annual smART Brooklyn Gallery Hop, an initiative of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and Brooklyn Tourism.

The galleries participating include The Boiler, BRIC Rotunda Gallery, Chassidic Art Institute, DUMBO Arts Center, Kentler International Drawing Space, MoCADA, Momenta Art, Proteus Gowanus and Skylight Gallery.

“We all know that Brooklyn is the Creative Capital of New York City, and contributing to that creative canvas are our neighborhood galleries and lively arts scene showcasing the work of emerging Brooklyn artists,” said BP Markowitz. “Last year’s smART Gallery Hop was a huge success, and again this year there’s no better time to get ‘art smart’—and maybe even find that perfect gift for the art lover on your holiday list!”

The free smART Brooklyn Gallery Hop features bus loops that depart from select hubs every hour on the hour from 1pm–5pm and run through four different gallery districts, allowing participants to hop on and off the bus within each line’s loop. Additionally, a “Tour of Four” bus tour (not a loop) will offer visitors a chance to experience unique art galleries off the beaten path:

* Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint — BLUE LOOP (Saturday). Hub: Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, 135 Broadway (at Bedford)
* Bedford-Stuyvesant, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene — RED LOOP (Saturday). Hub: MoCADA, the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art, 80 Hanson Place (at South Portland)
* Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, Red Hook — GOLD LOOP (Sunday). Hub: Brooklyn Borough Hall/Tourism Visitors Center, 209 Joralemon (Between Court and Adams)
* Boerum Hill, Gowanus, Park Slope — GREEN LOOP (Sunday). Hub: Brooklyn Lyceum, 227 4th Ave. (at President)
* Bay Ridge, Crown Heights, Sunset Park — TOUR OF FOUR Galleries (Sunday). Hub: Brooklyn Museum of Art, 200 Eastern Parkway (at Washington)

Buses will be staffed with expert art docents offering smART tip sheets about collecting and buying art.

The smART Brooklyn Gallery Hop is a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors working to advance local economic development and increase awareness and support of the arts.

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. For more information, visit

For photos of some of the works on display at this year’s smART Brooklyn Gallery Hop, visit the flickr page at

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

City Purchases Chunk of Joe Sitt's Coney Island Property

Today, Save Coney Island spokesman Juan Rivero issued a statement in response to the news that New York City has purchased a key portion of real-estate speculator Joe Sitt’s land in the historic Coney Island amusement area for $95.7 million:

“The City's purchase today of 7 acres of land for a permanent open-air amusement area is a critical first step towards the revitalization of Coney Island. But it is not enough.

“The City's planned outdoor amusement area remains confined to a narrow 12-acre strip of land, squeezed in by a proposed multi-story entertainment mall and blocked off by a wall of proposed high-rise hotels rising up to 27 stories. Until the outdoor amusement area is expanded and the hotels are removed, the City's plan would permanently compromise Coney Island's potential to once again become a world-class amusement destination.

“Unless the City purchases the rest of Thor Equity's land, a large portion of the amusement area will remain subject to the whims of real estate speculation and the future of Coney Island will remain at risk.”

Sources told NY1 that Sitt is keeping the rest of the land to build hotels.

For more information, see

Photo by Zero at creativecommons

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Sleeping Nook On Livingston in Downtown Brooklyn

The new trees outside this building 111 Livingston Street at Boerum Place in Downtown Brooklyn form perfect camouflage for a sleeping nook discovered by several of the city's homeless.

With a high wall on one side, a virtual wall of bushes on the three other sides and a grate to sleep on, what more could you want in terms of privacy and warmth?

The old dead trees can still be found on Google Maps (see below). You can see they wouldn't make a very protected hide-away.

Top two photos by MK Metz
Bottom photo by Google

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Healthcare Reform Rally, Friday Nov. 13, Brooklyn Heights

We received an email that a rally to celebrate the passage of the House health bill (and to support its Senate passage) will take place at Rep. Ed Towns' Office, 186 Joralemon St. in Brooklyn Heights on Friday, November 13th, 12 PM

MoveOn says:
"The House bill isn't flawless. It includes a compromise version of the public option and an ugly anti-choice amendment. But it's a huge step forward: it would expand coverage to 96% of Americans, offer more choice through a national public option, and help end Big Insurance's stranglehold on our health care system."

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's True What They Say About Mean People

Photo by MK Metz

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'Parks and Recreation' Films in Brooklyn Heights

"Parks and Recreation," starring Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Rashida Jones, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Platt and Paul Schneider set up shop in Brooklyn Heights yesterday, filming in Noodle Pudding restaurant on Henry Street and in Tazza on Clark.

Above, wait staff players line up outside of Noodle Pudding. Meanwhile, Amy Poehler was snapped on Henry Street by the Brooklyn Eagle.

Here's the cast and crew's breakfast spread: fruit, cereal, sandwiches, bagels and buns, nuts, cookies, raisins and protein bars.

Photos by MK Metz

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Squadron's 'Winter Bubble' and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Squadron proposes a "winter bubble" and other ideas for Brooklyn Bridge Park. Brooklyn Eagle

- The Phantom visited the USS New York and encountered a soldier who looked oddly like himself on board. Bay Ridge Blog

- Coldwell Banker CEO Jim Gillespie says that now is the time to buy a home. ABC via TRD

- Freebird in the Columbia Street area will join Greenpoint's WORD for a sampling of Brooklyn authors and food this coming Sunday. Word on Columbia Street

- Get 'em coming and going: Reynolds American Inc., maker of Camel cigarettes, is in talks to buy a Swedish company that helps people stop smoking. Huffington Post

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Candy Buyback in Brooklyn Heights

NOW we know what to do with those pounds of Halloween candy laying around the house -- Signature Smile dental office, on Pineapple Walk in Brooklyn Heights, will buy it back from you at the rate of $1 a pound. Brilliant!

Wonder what they do with it?

The buyback is sponsored by Zocdoc, an online appointment-booking service.

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The Newest Bistro On Smith Street, and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Drummer Gerhardt "Jerry" Fuchs died in a freaky elevator accident in Williamsburg late Saturday night. Spinner and NY Times

- Williamsburg's first kosher soup kitchen opened Thursday. Vos Is Neias

- If you're going to rob bars in Red Hook, maybe you shouldn't have an incredibly distinctive facial tattoo. Brooklyn Eagle

- The newest bistro on Smith -- La Petite Provence -- has opened in the space once occupied by Alan Harding's Patois. PMFA

- Fish poachers arrested in Brooklyn. NY Times

- A Brooklyn man was rescued in the Long Island Sound, clinging to a lobster pot and nearly frozen to death. Long Island Press

- Former Bear Stearns exec loses $22 million in one hand of poker. New York Magazine

- The trial of the so-called Prince of Darkness "satanic teenager" arrested in connection with the stabbing death of WABC newsman George Weber was put off for a couple of weeks. Brooklyn Eagle

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Brooklyn Headhunter: Find a Job in Brooklyn

From time to time, McBrooklyn puts on its Headhunting gear and scouts out a handful of Brooklyn employment opportunities.

Here's the latest batch:

- The Brooklyn Botanic Garden seeks an experienced editor/writer. BBG

- Siggy’s Good Food in Brooklyn Heights needs an experienced waitperson. (This place always seems busy.) Craigslist

- Good Shepherd Services is searching for a new Director. NY Times

- Sears seeks a shipping/receiving associate. $9 - 13/hr. Benefits sound good. Career Builder

- Babeland is looking for "hard-working, sex-positive, mature people" to work as as part-time sex educators. Craigslist

- Bedford-Stuyvesant's Bridge Street Development Corporation is seeking an Economic Development Specialist. Craigslist Additionally, the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation needs a strategic operations coordinator. Craigslist

- Brooklyn Industries is looking for a 5'7" female fit model. Looks don't matter. Must have exact measurements listed at Brooklyn Industries website. If you are the wrong size, sales associates are also needed.

- The management co. of Spring Creek Towers (which used to be called Starrette City) is looking for an experienced editor/writer for their community newspaper, the Spring Creek Sun. NY Times

- Arby's restaurant in the old Gage and Tollner on Fulton Street in Downtown Brooklyn is hiring for all positions. Apply at Brooklyn Workforce One at 9 Bond Street, 5th floor.

- Uncommon Goods is searching for a product development assistant. The company is located at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Craigslist

- A company in Brooklyn is looking for a part-time data-entry clerk. Pays $15.45/hr. Craigslist (A full time data-entry position in Sunset Park pays $7.25/hr. here.)

- The Brooklyn Paper and its affiliated publications needs a receptionist in Downtown Brooklyn. Craigslist

- Now hiring in Greenpoint: Bartenders, Servers, and Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Baristas, Deli Cooks, Shift Managers. Craigslist

- A Brooklyn institution (probably a hotel) is looking for an experienced chef. $35 - 40,000/yr. Career Builder

- A sign manufacturing company in Williamsburg is looking to hire a full time graphic artist. Craigslist

- Pratt Institute is searching for an editorial manager. Pratt

- A Japanese fusion restaurant is looking for experienced full time and part time servers. Craigslist

- A student housing management and development company is seeking an experienced property manager. Career Builder

- A "sophisticated well known restaurant" in Brooklyn Heights is seeking a dynamic banquet manager. Craigslist

- Berkeley Carroll School in Park Slope is searching for a development associate. NY Times

- A small magazine specializing in state and local energy and environmental issues is looking for a full time writer. Craigslist

Find all Brooklyn Headhunter posts here.

Top photo by MikeColvin82, Creative Commons license

Arby's photo by MK Metz

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Fascati's Thanks Yanks in Brooklyn Heights

The loyal fans at Fascati's in Brooklyn Heights thank the New York Yankees for their hard work this year.

Photo by MK Metz

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Yankees Victory Parade To Snarl Traffic in Brooklyn, Too

The Yankees victory ticker-tape parade down the "Canyon of Heroes" begins on Friday, 11 a.m. The parade route will start on Broadway at Battery Place and continue northbound to Chambers Street. The victory march will be followed by a ceremony at City Hall Plaza.

Expect traffic to be snarled not only in Manhattan but in Brooklyn as well. Community Board 6 sent out the following:

The New York Yankees Victory Parade is expected to cause heavy delays for Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel traffic in either direction on Friday, November 6th from 9 AM until approximately 3 PM. The tunnel will remain open, but delays are expected due to Lower Manhattan street closures in effect for the parade and, of course, the anticipated crowds.

Please use public mass transit if you can. For more information visit:

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Sara Ching-Yu Sun with Ethan Crenson: New Show at Open Source

Open Source Gallery announces a new show -- a project from Sara Sun with collaboration from Ethan Crenson. Here's the description:

Sun’s video footage is the result of an intensive period of shooting concerts at the Williamsburg Waterfront and editing silent movements of everything except the actual music-making. Crenson’s sound is completely independent from the video. It is constructed from exquisite field recordings collected from South Slope/Greenwood Heights/Sunset Park neighborhoods. With no overt synchronicity, the relationship between video and sound creates a multi-layered place of contradictions, fleeting connections and uncertainty.

Sara Ching-Yu Sun with Ethan Crenson
A Collaborative Project on Visuals and Sound
Nov 7th- Nov 30

Opening: Saturday November 7th, 7-10pm

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Segway Man, In Brooklyn Heights

The mysterious Segway Man zipped through Brooklyn Heights yesterday, looking for a subway equipped with an elevator.

When asked if Segway use was still banned in New York City he simply shrugged. (Apparently, it is.)

When asked why he was riding the cool mobile device, he said, "I can't walk." Then he took off for the 7th Ave. line, saying he was in a hurry because "my battery is running low."

Go, Segway Man, go.

Photo by MK Metz

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King Con Comic Convention Comes to Brooklyn

We just received word that on November 7th and 8th 2009, 60+ of Brooklyn's best artists, animators and graphic novelists will come together to share their work, interact, and take part in panel discussions with industry professionals at King Con Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Lyceum.

Guests will be able to shop for vintage comics and memorabilia, compete in a classic 8-bit gaming tournament, a LolCat captioning contest sponsored by, and enjoy gourmet coffee and treats from local providers. There will also be drawings held throughout the weekend.

Guests will be provided with their chance to interact and have photos taken with a myriad of Brooklyn-bred celebrities from the world of comics, film, and animation. There will also be activities for little folk.

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Cobble Hill Bike Ride Sunday, Nov. 9, 2009

Got a message from the Cobble Hill Association (and the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative) that their second annual bike ride is coming up Sunday, Nov. 8 at 11 a.m.

Paco from the CHA says it's a "small short ride, but should be fun."

Meet in Cobble Hill Park. Free, but RSVP to

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