Friday, July 20, 2012

Coming: 'Tech Triangle' Bus to Connect Brooklyn Navy Yard, Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO

B25 bus in DUMBO. By MK Metz
The MTA announced Thursday new bus routes and service restorations, including a "Tech Triangle" route which will connect Downtown Brooklyn to DUMBO, Vinegar Hill and the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

"Brooklyn's tech industry is changing the face of New York—and now, we'll have a bus route that will allow the booming Tech Triangle to continue to grow and innovate," Squadron, D-Brooklyn, said in a statement.

The exact details of the new route haven't been decided yet, but it may involve re-routing the B25 bus, which presently terminates on Main Street in DUMBO.

A new waterfront route will link Williamsburg to Greenpoint, and another route is planned to connect East New York to Spring Creek, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

The MTA has also agreed to make the G train 5-stop extension to Church Avenue permanent.

Nine Brooklyn bus lines will be either restored or extended; list of changes here.

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Anonymous said...

It seems the more connections 'made' the longer the route the more time it takes and the less usability it actually has.

All of these routes go round and round with a stop every minute instead of linking south brooklyn to the burg. So it takes 2 hours to get there via going through Manhattan since that is the shortest route. The longest route is the shortest pure idiocy.

bj said...

Sen. Squadron said that "stakeholders" will be able to put their two cents in when it comes time to decide the exact routes.

Anonymous said...

MTA cus routes for the poor but changes for the wealthy. Walentas behind this too? Rent will go up even more!

Anonymous said...

Classic response when discovering a bird has pooped on you: "For the rich, they sing."