Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Open! Brooklyn Bridge Park Pop-Up Pool

It may be wee, but it's wet and it comes with a beach, umbrellas, showers and a food vendor.

Brooklyn Bridge Park's 'Pop-Up' pool opened this morning to the applause of dozens of kids and their minders who got to jump in at the opening salvo.

Know before you go: you have to be the patient sort if you want to swim here. The pool's total capacity is 60. That's 6 - 0. Wristbands are given out one hour before swim time (you get an hour and a quarter in the water, then you have to get out and try for another slot).

More here.

- Pop-Up Pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park Opening Friday
- Nice Place for a Pool

Photo by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

for a pool likely to be heavily populated by kids, your use of the word wee pool may be more apt than you realize

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha

bj said...

You'll never go in a pool again:

Anonymous said...

Wow! All whit kids! Bloomberg wins!

Anonymous said...

The morning swimmers were the children of people who joined the BBP Conservancy. The afternoon swimmers were more representative of the borough.