Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pavilion Theater's Seats Are Where? And More Brooklyn Briefs

- The Park Slope Pavilion may have gotten rid of their infamous, stained, bed-bug infested purple seating, but some of their other seats have resurfaced in the Cobble Hill Cinema. Gothamist

- Brooklyn brownstones are commanding higher prices. TRD

- Matisyahu, Brooklyn's Hasidic reggae superstar who performs with a black beard and wearing tzitzit (fringes), has done a 180. Brooklyn Eagle

- Brooklyn Nets street art: graffiti or slick marketing campaign? AnimalNY

- Secret plan would move the controversial Civic Virtue statue from Queens to Brooklyn. NY Daily News

- Mother of girl who fell off the air conditioner had her kids taken away in March. Gothamist

- Why the weather catastrophe happening in Brooklyn, Iowa, affects us in Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn Eagle

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