Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NYC Primary Voting Ends at 9pm, and Some Machines Still Not Working

Patriotic Cow, outside Flipsters in Park Slope. Photo: MK Metz
Every vote counts in New York City, especially if you want to avoid a runoff.

So hurry up, there's only one hour left! Polls close for the NYC Primary at 9 p.m., and some of those old voting machines are gumming up the works.

The NYC Board of Elections is playing it coy about how many machines have gone down (their Twitter feed says that only borough leaders know that figure, and it's changing constantly) but plenty of complaints have come in over the feed.

Many of the broken voting machines are in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Eagle reports.

The most important thing to know is that if the machines are down, you have the right to vote by paper ballot. Don't let anyone talk you out of this!

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