Friday, March 7, 2008

Brooklyn's Polytechnic Votes to Merge with NYU

Expect to see those purple NYU trolleys streaming over the Brooklyn Bridge any time now -- the Board of Polytechnic University at MetroTech in Downtown Brooklyn voted Thursday to merge with NYU, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

Poly students will be able to take courses at any of NYU's 12 colleges, professors will be able to expand their research, and NYU will get an engineering school -- plus a major toehold in Brooklyn.

One issue covered in the confidential Definitive Agreement is the issue of Poly’s substantial air rights, in light of NYU’s much-publicized need for real estate. Craig G. Matthews, chairman of the board of Polytechnic, told the Eagle, “The Definitive Agreement clearly addresses this issue. The air rights are protected.” He said that further details were confidential.

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