Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brooklyn Bed Bug Complaints Soar 1,900 Percent!

It seems we hear more and more about bed bugs in Brooklyn every day.

Now, the Brooklyn Eagle reports that bed bug complaints from Brooklyn residents to the city's 311 help line are up 1,900 percent since 2004.

From the Eagle: "In the first half of 2008 (through June 19), 311 received 3,248 complaints about bedbug infestations from Brooklyn residents. Ominously, most people never bother to call 311 to complain about the bugs, so these figures probably represent just a fraction of the bedbugs out there."

We know for a fact that several apartments in our building have infestations -- and no one ever called 311.

The Eagle quotes famous bed bug entomologist Louis N. Sorkin for advice about what to do if you have them. He talks about where bed bugs might be hiding: "inside electric outlets, behind molding, under pictures, inside furniture, in recessed screw holes, on molded plastic chairs, and inside TVs, clock radios, remote controls, desktop computers and laptops."

We find this to be quite worrisome.

Bedbugs in Brooklyn: They're Here. Get Used to It. Brooklyn Eagle

Many bedbug suffers report their infestations at the Bedbug Registry. Here's a map of what was been reported in Brooklyn as of July 15.

UPDATE: Check out the forum on as well.

- Brooklyn Living: Beware of Garbage With Something Written on It
- Brooklyn's Bed Bug Club: Everybody Welcome

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Anonymous said...

I've heard hundreds and hundreds of New Yorkers' bed bug stories at my blog/forum Only a few have called 311. And it's significant that (as readers of the site) they were among those who knew this was an option.

I have no doubt in my mind that the bed bug statistics the city has (based on 311 calls) are extremely low compared with how many people really have bed bugs.

mcbrooklyn said...

Thanks for the comment. We recommend the forum on for anyone with this terrible problem.

Anonymous said...

How about giving us a solution on how to get rid of them or handle them if we suspect that we may infested?

mcbrooklyn said...

The expert quoted by the Eagle gives a really great (and long) explanation of what to do if you get them. (We can't reprint the whole thing, so click on the link in the post above to get more information.)

Anonymous said...

This guys lets the bedbugs feed on him. Very humane -- some other researchers would stick a mouse in the jar...

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Flatbush! #1 in bedbud complaints!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, mcbrooklyn!

anonymous, if you're trying to avoid or get rid of bed bugs, you might also find useful information via Bedbugger's FAQs:

Anonymous said...

its all the hipsters and yuppies that bought the dam bed bugs to Brooklyn
and thanks alot it was HELL and $$$$$$$$$$getting rid of them

Anonymous said...

My roommates are always bringing in furniture off the sidewalk. What are the odds of us getting bedbugs?

bj said...

You probably have them already.