Monday, August 9, 2010

Letter Grades for NYC Restaurants Slowly Rolling Out

The Health Department is rolling out letter grades for the city's restaurants as we speak, so we thought it would be a good time to see how many points some of our favorite Brooklyn restaurants have racked up.

An inspection score of 0-13 gets an A, 14-27 points is a B, and 28 or more points is a C. Not many letter grades have been handed out yet, and many restaurants are getting second-chance inspections.

Here are some restaurants you may know:

Fascati's Pizza on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights received an A when it was inspected July 30.This is the only actual letter grade we've found so far in the dozens of Brooklyn restaurants we've looked into.

Grimaldi's on Old Fulton Street was last inspected June 30, when it racked up 18 violation points, equivalent to a B. It hasn't yet received its letter grade. (Restaurants are getting reinspected before receiving their final grade.)

The River Cafe received its last inspection in April, when it scored 23 points, equivalent to a B. It hasn't yet received a letter grade.

Rice, on Washington Street in DUMBO, received 11 points when it was inspected in 2009. It needs to be inspected again before it can get a letter grade, but if it scores about the same, it would get an A.

Monty Q's on Montague Street received 18 violation points back in January. It needs to be inspected again before it gets a letter grade. 18 points would put it in the B range.

Dallas BBQ on Livingston Street racked up 12 points when it was inspected in March. If it scores in the same range now, it would get an A.

Chance, on Smith Street, received 21 violation points when it was inspected in February. If it scores in the same range on its next go round, it would get a B.

Teresa's on Montague Street was inspected July 30. It received 39 violation points which included live roaches and flies. It hasn't received a grade yet but it really has to clean up or it's looking at a big fat C.

Giando On the Water in Williamsburg was inspected on August 5, when it received 34 violation points. That will net it a C unless it cleans up its act for its re-do inspection.

Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg was inspected in February, when it received 5 points. If it keeps it up it's in A territory.

Blue Ribbon on 5th Ave. in Park Slope was inspected last year, when it got 7 points, or an A if the next inspection is about the same.

The Purity Diner on 7th Ave. in Park Slope was inspected July 27, when it received 22 violation points. It hasn't received an official grade, but if it performs the same on its re-do, it will get a B.

Junior's was inspected July 29 and you don't wanna know about it. Violation points: 52. Problems include live rats. Not yet graded, but this isn't even a gentleman's C.

Saint Ann's Warehouse was inspected in May. They received 62 violation points. We didn't know you could get this many.

The Health Department has supplied the handy widget below that you can use to look up your favorite restaurant.

Photo by Iwona Kellie, Creative Commons license

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