Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't Complain About Hidden Cameras if You Go to Brooklyn College

Chinemerem Eze, a Nigerian student at Brooklyn College, was suspicious that her off-campus-housing landlord had planted a hidden camera in her apartment.

When she brought her suspicions to Campus Security, according to Forbes, they brought in a psychologist. "After asking her a few questions, the psychologist called an ambulance and had her committed to Kings County Psychiatric Hospital."

When she managed to extricate herself from the hospital two weeks later, she discovered that there really was a hidden camera in her apartment. And since she missed two weeks of classes and her final exams, she wound up losing a scholarship she’d received from the school.

There are more problems with this than we can even go into here. Better read the whole story at Forbes.

More info at Courthouse News, her lawsuit.

Photo by ky_olsen, Creative Commons license.

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