Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baluchi's Extends Its Indian Empire Into Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is soon to have its very own Baluchi's Indian restaurant, on the north end of Henry Street near Cranberry Street. The spot, which will be ready "soon," according to the owner, can be seen to the right of Cranberry's, above.

This will bring to three the number of Indian restaurants in Brooklyn Heights, including Gandhi Palace on Montague (replaced Amin) and Curry Heights on Remsen

According to their website, there are roughly a dozen Baluchi's restaurants, most in Manhattan. (The Smith Street Baluchi's closed a couple of years ago.)

The Park Slope Baluchi's gets fairly decent reviews on Yelp, scoring 3.5 out of 5 stars. More reviewers rated it a 4 than any other grade.

A Grab-Bag of Park Slope Yelp Comments:

"The Chicken Tikka Masala was solid and the samosas crispy and delicious. The black daal was a little odd in that it included kidney beans."

"The restaurant also offers $9.95 lunch specials, and a $14.95 prix fixe menu. The prix fixe menu is the better of the two deals as it includes an entree (I recommend the chicken jalfrezi), rice, naan cucumber, raita, and mango chutney."

"All in all, not mind-altering Indian food, but good, solid Indian food when you crave it. I'll definitely go back."

"Great naan, great service, reasonably priced, and a great atmosphere. Very impressed overall."

"Solid tasty Indian food. Not the best I've ever had but the best in the area without a doubt. "

"The decor is gorgeous, the service is amazing, and the food is great. Baluchi's is our ultimate date spot in the hood. "

"We opened with samosas, I had a chicken spinach dish, Saagwala, my date had chicken curry. We also ordered poori. I thought the food was very good. "

Here's the menu from the Park Slope Baluchi's.

Photo by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

remember Mr. Video III.

Anonymous said...

Dang. I loved that place. He had rare videos that no one else had. (For the kids: a "video" was a moving image recorded on magnetic tape.)

fultonferryres said...

I have eaten at the Park Slope location, and the food is good, much better than Gandhi or Curry Palace. And unlike at least one of those, they take credit cards.

bj said...

For some reason the restaurant on Smith closed. I thought it was pretty good but it was always empty.