Monday, March 5, 2012

Has Iconic 'Peaks Mason Mints' Lettering Disappeared from 20 Henry Street?

20 Henry in 2008 by MK Metz
Has the iconic Peaks Mason Mints lettering disappeared from the south side of 20 Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights? (AKA the Candy Factory.)

Original Peaks Mason Mints lettering, 2008.

Lettering visible in the shadow in 2010. (Photo by MK Metz)
The lettering was visible below the scaffolding in November of 2010. (Click on the photo above to enlarge.)

Lettering no longer visible March 3, 2012. (Photo by MK Metz)
But we couldn't see the lettering yesterday. White dust appears on the wall above the windows. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

According to Stribling Marketing Associates, 20 Henry Street exterior "has been restored to feature the property’s original brick façade, exposed buttresses and rows of massive arched industrial windows." As reported in the Brooklyn Eagle, "The façade also includes the original 'Peaks Mints' lettering as homage to the property’s past as home to the confectioners who produced Mason Mints coconut candy bars."

Rendering courtesy of Stribling Marketing Associates
Are we missing something here?

If they repaint it, does it count as original?

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Anonymous said...

YES, it counts as "original". How do you propose they repoint and repair the brick while "saving" the paint?

bj said...

"original" lettering .... funny choice of words

Anonymous said...

those masonry walls were completely torn down at the area of the lettering and rebuilt to match the original layout as required by nyc landmarks commission, i saw it happen and it was apparently due to structural problems, the letters are going to go back, they are also a requirement of landmarks commission.

bj said...

Thanks for this update 11:08. Didn't see the wall come down.