Monday, January 7, 2013

Remembering Pepper & Potter in Downtown Brooklyn

Pepper & Potter Brooklyn, 1949
A new Hampton Inn is planned for 125 Flatbush Avenue Extension (near Tillary) in Downtown Brooklyn, at the site of the old and now-demolished Pepper & Potter Nash dealership. (Read more about the Hampton Inn here.)

While we remember the old car dealership as a rundown wreck of a building, from these photos available on the Havekost Nash Dealership website, it seems that Lester Potter and Frank Pepper had quite the life back in the day.

Lester and Frank
Their advertising slogan was, "Picky People Pick Pepper & Potter."

Cars and babes, in red-hot Brooklyn.
Sadly, in the 1950's, Pepper and Potter's relationship headed south for mysterious reasons, and the partners separated. (More about this at the NY Times.) Mr. Potter’s son, Robert, ran the dealership until it finally closed in 2003.

Proving that nothing ever dies on the internets, dozens of websites make it appear that the company is still operational.

But good news: The NY Times reports that Frank Pepper's niece Erin contacted Robert Potter after never having met the family, and the relationship seems to be a positive one.

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