Sunday, August 23, 2015

McBrooklyn In the Woods, Contemplating Nature and All that Stuff

Bushkill Falls waterfall, by MK Metz
We at McBrooklyn Enterprises have been hiking around in the woods of Pennsylvania, climbing up cliffs, staring at beautiful waterfalls and in general enjoying nature.

Revelation: The woods of Pennsylvania have billions and billions of daddy long-legs (which look like spiders but are not), and also about half a billion actual spiders. On the other hand, there are almost no mosquitoes . . . unlike Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, spawning ground of herds of horrifyingly mutated Gowanus Mosquitoes.

Rooster at Hallo Berlin. Photos: MK Metz
Traveling north to Conklin, NY, we discovered the Hallo Berlin beer hall, sister to the Hallo Berlin restaurant in Manhattan.

We enjoyed excellent wurst and salads like potato salad, cucumber salad etc.

The old-timey establishment keeps chickens, turkeys and baby pigs in the back. Despite the copious number of sausages sold there, the waitress swears "We don't eat them!"

We'll be back to Brooklyn tomorrow!

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