Monday, November 5, 2012

Brooklyn Nets Mascot: Comic Book Villain 'Dr. Doom'

The Brooklyn Nets introduced their new mascot Saturday night -- but instead of a stuffed animal (their old mascot was a fox named "Sly"), they chose a costumed figure who bears an uncanny resemblance to Marvel's evil comic book villain, Dr. Doom.

Dr. Doom, who must wear a horrible  metallic mask over his disfigured face, seeks world domination and the destruction of his nemesis, good guy Reed Richards.

The Nets' mascot "BrooklyKnight" must wear a horrible metallic mask over his face, and seeks world domination etc., too.

But don't expect Marvel to sue for copyright infringement any time soon, since they "designed" the mascot and a matching comic book.

"BrooklyKnight is a superior combination of strength, power, and confidence," Brett Yormark said in the team's press release. "Sounds just like Brooklyn to me."

Ummn, if you say so Brett.

We say it's Dr. Doom.


Here are a few other reactions:

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- And a Brooklyn Knights album by Sene.

- Posted by Cheeze: "He's the !!ty mascot Brooklyn deserves and the one it needs right now." Slumz

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chickenunderwear said...

you would think a mascot would look like a good guy??

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn = Bad