Friday, November 2, 2012

More Commuting Stress in NYC On Friday

MTA has blanked out the missing trains on the subway map.
Commuting in New York City is going to be very stressful again on Friday as the system still has no trains below 34th St. or between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced some minor service enhancements, including M train service from 34th St/Herald Square to Jamaica Center/Parsons-Archer, and partial 7 train service between Main Street and 74th-Broadway. See MTA for the full release.

But he warns that customers should expect delays and crowding, and should stagger their travel times if possible.

Shuttle bus madness on Jay Street. Photo: MK Metz
The lines for the shuttle buses to Manhattan from Jay Street and Barclays Center in Brooklyn were unbelievable Thursday. One man at Jay Street told us he had been waiting two and a half hours to get onto a bus to 54th Street.

If you are physically able, it makes more sense to walk over the closest bridge, then catch a bus from there. All Manhattan local buses have resumed with delays with the exception of the following, which are suspended: M8, M9, M14A/D, M21, M22, M23. The M5 and M20 northbound buses are bypassing the bus stop at State St and Whitehall St.

All Brooklyn local buses have resumed, with delays.

If you just need to travel within Brooklyn, many of the subway lines are running fine. Check the MTA for more.

Driving is a nightmare, however. First of all: There is no gas in Brooklyn. Just fuhgeddaboudit!

Second: You need three people in your car to drive over NYC bridges from 6 a.m. to midnight on Friday..

Photo: MK Metz
Cops are checking!

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