Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some People Want You to Stay Home on Black Friday

Now there's an "Opt Out of Black Friday" movement. You know, where you visit friends and family instead of joining the midnight shopping frenzy.

Story of Stuff is behind the movement to "Buy nothing. Do something."

There's even a pledge: "I pledge to skip the mall and stay home with friends and family this Black Friday. Instead of spending money on things I don't need, I will spend my time with the people that I love."

But what about the economy, you ask? Isn't it every citizen's duty to spend money like a drunken sailor during the "holiday season?"

You can always support your local small businesses and buy yer stuff on "Small Business Saturday." Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue will plug into this Saturday’s event and kick off the holiday shopping season with a bunch of free festivities and holiday happenings.

No lines, no frenzy. Probably some free cider, too, if it's anything like last year.

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