Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nor'easter Likely to Hit Brooklyn, NYC on Wednesday

Models for expected Nor'easter. See Wunderblog.
The National Weather Service is predicting a Nor'easter for the Metro area to hit sometime on Wednesday or early Thursday.

While not a superstorm like Hurricane Sandy, residents in areas affected by Sandy should prepare for heavy rain, high winds and -- yes -- a one-to-two-foot storm surge with heavy waves.

According to Dr. Jeff Master's WunderBlog:

"Residents and relief workers in the region hit by Sandy should anticipate the possibility of the arrival on Wednesday of a moderate-strength Nor'easter with heavy rain, accompanied by high winds capable of driving a 1 - 2 foot storm surge with battering waves. The surge and waves will potentially cause moderate to severe erosion on New Jersey coast, where Hurricane Sandy pulverized the protective beach dunes."

Winds could reach 40 -45 mph accompanied by 2 - 3" of rain.

The storm is not close enough to nail down specifics yet, Dr. Master says.

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