Friday, November 30, 2012

Perfect Gift for that Special Brooklyn Someone: A Rosie All-in-One Chicken Coop

Your shopping is over: Here's the must-have gift of a lifetime for that special Brooklynite in your life. We'll let the PR speak for itself:

"Victory Chicken, New York City’s premier provider of backyard chicken coops, has launched a special holiday version of its signature Rosie All-in-one coop-and-bird package just in time for the 2012 holidays.

The Holiday Rosie package includes a coop and run (built in Bushwick, Brooklyn) along with 3 adolescent hens, two months of supplies, Victory Chicken’s “Chicken 101” training for the new chicken keeper and a soon-to-be-iconic Victory Chicken T-shirt.

Purchasers also get an elegant Willy Wonka-esque Certificate Of Announcement for all of the above, made to be handed off on the holiday of your choice to the aspiring chicken keeper in your life."

The entire package costs $785 in Brooklyn only, or can be purchased on a rent to own basis with a $300 down payment and then $50/month for a year. (More to deliver outside of Brooklyn.)

To find out more, visit, email or call (347) 803-0777.

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