Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gas Pipeline Back Up in NYC; Gas Stations to Get Gas Soon

According to, power has been restored to the interstate gasoline pipeline that serves New York City, and gasoline will start appearing at gas stations in NYC soon. However, the city does not know which stations have received gas.

This should soon help relieve the the miles-long lines at gas stations across a city that was almost completely out of gas.

Fuel barge shipments into New York Harbor were allowed on Friday, the Coast Guard told Reuters, if they have a place to offload. President Obama waived a rule that bars foreign tankers from transiting U.S. ports.

Still, several oil refineries in the region remain closed.

Mayor Bloomberg's HOV3 rule, which required cars traveling over most bridges in New York City to have three passengers, ended Friday evening. Th Brooklyn Battery Tunnel remains closed.

Photo by Lingaraj GJ, Creative Commons license

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