Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Brooklyn Snow: Power Lines and Trees Down, Hundreds of Calls for Con Ed

Are you hearing a lot of police and fire sirens? Con Edison is overwhelmed with calls for tree branches down, wires sparking and primary lines and cable wires hanging in the streets.

Photo: MK Metz
With three inches of snow on the ground and icy streets, power is out to 12,000 - 16,000 Brooklyn Con Edison customers and about the same number in Queens.


UPDATE: Con Ed says the above figures do not include power outages in: Gerritsen Beach, Sea Gate, Red Hook, Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Howard Beach, Broad Channel, Manhattan Beach, Arrochar, South Beach, Midland Beach, New Dorp Beach, Oakwood Beach, Butler Manor, and Tottenville.

This means there are probably hundreds of thousands without electricity on this cold night in New York City.


Here are back-to-back calls -- most requiring a response from Con Ed -- that poured in nonstop over the police scanner within 10 minutes or so around 8 p.m.:

* The LIRR partially shut down; an occupied elevator at the LIRR stuck; trees and wires down on the Port Washington branch;
* Unresponsive man on bench in Fort Greene Park;
* Wires down at 83rd Avenue and 260 Street;
* Fire at 6th Avenue and President Street;
* Wires sparking on houses;
* Something at Monroe Place and Pierrepont Street;
* . . . Nostrand and Saint Mark;
* . . . Cropsy Street;
* Large tree blocking 46th Ave 228 St sparking wires;
* Primary line down on the street . . .
* 111 St and Atlantic Ave. fire at a transformer;
* Second transformer out at 111 and Atlantic;
* Belnap street 137-139 wires down;
* Sparking pole on Mayfield Place;
* 120-09 142 Street MTA vehicle stuck in snow obstructing traffic;
* Traffic light hanging at Main Street and the LIE in Queens;
* Large tree down East 4th Street and Ave. C
* Wires sparking 52 Drive
* Notify Con Ed we shut off gas to the stove . . .
* 54 Ave at Queens Blvd wires down
* Sparking wires at 123 and 142 Street
* Pierrepont and Willow Street, tree down middle of the road
* Something at 15 MetroTech

You probably should stay inside . . giant branches are falling off trees.

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Hicks and Cranberry. Giant branch in middle of road