Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Many Hands Clapping: Buddhist Group Donates $10 Million to Sandy Victims

The Tzu Chi Foundation, a Buddhist disaster relief organization, is donating an amazing $10 million to Superstorm Sandy victims in New York City -- in the form of Visa debit cards.

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that eligible families can sign up for cards loaded with $600, which they can use wherever Visa cards are accepted, which means almost anywhere.

The group is also distributing blankets and bags containing daily necessities.

City Comptroller John Liu announced the gift Sunday outside P.S. 277 in Gerritsen Beach.

The words ‘Tzu Chi’ mean ‘Compassionate Relief’ in Mandarin. More here.

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Felix Lee said...

That is so generous of them. It is compassionate relief indeed. Bless their kind hearts.