Thursday, May 3, 2007

Cultural District Library Sunk?

The New York Times reports that the new arts library designed by Enrique Norten that was supposed to "rise like the prow of a glass ship near the Brooklyn Academy of Music now seems likely to sink, unrealized, into the pavement."

According to the Times, eight months after the city stepped up its role in overseeing development in what is known as the BAM Cultural District, in Fort Greene, projects are being assessed as either "viable or unrealistic." As the Brooklyn Public Library dropped the ball on this one, it was assessed to be unrealistic.

But something will be built on the site, important as a grand entrance into the Cultural District. Kate D. Levin, commissioner of the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs, said that “there is a continued commitment to build on that site and have some component be a library.”

Story here.

Photo courtesy of Ten Arquitectos.

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