Wednesday, May 30, 2007

House of Detention Site May Be 'Most Valuable Square Block in Downtown Brooklyn'

The House of Detention site on Atlantic Avenue may be the most valuable square block in Downtown Brooklyn these days, says the Brooklyn Eagle's Denis Holt.

Holt, who thinks there must be a better place to put a jail, has been in a bit of a feud with the NYC Correction Commissioner about the the proposed supersizing of the (presently closed) House of Detention. Commissioner Martin F. Horn recently said he was shocked -- yes, shocked! -- with Holt's description of the proposed expansion as "dispiriting and ... ugly."

Holt says that before creating a jumbo jail/residential/retail complex in a booming neighborhood, Brooklyn’s elected officials should request that a professional benefits/cost analysis be applied.

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Photo by MK Metz


Anonymous said...

can someone PLEASE tell me what the attraction is to buying/living in a home that overlooks or is near a freakin' prison? i just don't get it

Anonymous said...

It's a lot quieter than living over Fairway, but you miss those sales on Australian cheddar.

Anonymous said...

i'd much rather live over fairway..cheese or no cheese!

Anonymous said...

Many people in that area do not realize it, but they ALREADY live adjacent to a jail. The Brooklyn Criminal Court houses hundreds of people every day in a massive building one block away from the House of Dentention.