Thursday, January 24, 2008

'Busted Walk' Filming in Downtown Brooklyn This Weekend

From Friday, January 25 – Sunday January 27 the production “Busted Walk” is scheduled to shoot interior and exterior scenes from 6AM-6PM at the following locations:

345 Adams Street between Willoughby Street and Tech Place;
Joralemon Street between Court and Clinton Streets; Bridge Street between Willoughby and Fulton Streets

"Busted Walk" is set in New York City on the first winter day in 1974, according to Casting Now. These details are excerpted from the site:

It follows a father, who is the owner of a company and his 17 year old son who is temporarily working for him, as they walk to work in the morning. The son was suspended from school because pot was found in his locker.

The father has an urgency to interest his son in the family business and straighten him out. They appear to be the embodiment of the typical generation gap of that era but they do have something in common; each is silently suffering from the onset of a drastically different ailment with outwardly similar symptoms.

Steven Tanenbaums previous feature film was "Coming Soon."

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Sounds like a real sleeper