Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bus Shelter For Humans Only, City Warns Bed Bugs

New York City is finally talking tough to bed bugs. As part of its nine-step program to eradicate the pests, they have installed signs in bus shelters warning bed bugs that they are not allowed in the shelters or on buses.

Reading "Bus Stop For Humans Only," the signs show an illustration of a bed bug inside one of those "No" symbols with a diagonal red slash.

Glad to see the city is finally taking the bed bug plague seriously. Now let's hope that the bugs read the signs.

In other parts of the country where the bed bug problem is not yet severe, people might think this sign reading "Bus Stop For Humans Only" is an ad for an upcoming movie, maybe.

- New York City Starts Taking Bed Bugs Seriously

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Alex said...

So why does a sign, that is supposed to warn people about bed bugs, have District 9 (a movie) website mentioned? Wouldnt it make more sense to put a website about bed bugs there? I think this is JUST an ad for the movie, and nothing more

Anonymous said...

I think the entire thing is supposed to be sarcastic.... hence why he left a link.

Bed Bugs Bite Site said...

Nice post! Somehow we missed this last year. Even though the poster (and post-er) was in jest, maybe cities should think of putting a more beefy/threatening looking picture on posters. Most depictions usually show bed bugs as a simple outline image that does no justice to the sheer mental and financial cost that can be incurred by an infestation.