Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brooklyn's Busy Chef: More Drama, More Crime

Just yesterday we asked: "What more could go wrong with anyone in any way connected with the failed Busy Chef Brooklyn restaurant chain?" (Yesterday we learned that partner/owner/attorney Alan Young has been disbarred.)

A lot more, it seems. The Brooklyn Heights Blog reports today that chef Dan Kaufman was arrested on Jan. 20 for an incident on the Upper East Side in which he allegedly stole a credit card from a friend, whose apartment he was visiting. He then made a purchase at a McDonald’s on the west side, "where security cameras there captured his every move."

The restaurants folded last year, mired in scandal after the arrest of Kaufman for identity theft and credit card forgery.

The Busy Chef saga never ends.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you have the wrong kaufman again. There is a difference in age and location in the brooklyn and manhattan kaufman's.

Unknown said...

We've confirmed the story. Nice try Dan.

Anonymous said...

I'll agree.............nice try Dan. Remember, I actually know you.

Anonymous said...

Dan is back and scamming more people. He apparently weaseled his way into a consulting company based out of NYC/NJ, by lying about who he was and his background - we all know he's a fraud who cant cook. He got caught stealing from the company and some of their clients. I've tried to get a hold of the company owner, but they won't speak about this as there is a pending lawsuit. This guy Kaufman will never learn. He's screwed.

mcbrooklyn said...

Now he's the "Montauk Grifter."