Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill Has Spread to Google. We Are Doomed.

You know how soothing the Google search page is, with it's minimalist white, non-cluttered background? Imagine our surprise tonight when this truly disturbing background image appeared when we visited the Google search page! OMG, has the oil spill invaded Google, too?

We couldn't get rid of the damn thing. Yes, we could substitute another disturbing photo for this one but why the hell can't we have the original Google search page back? If we wanted annoying images to disrupt our thought process we could use Bing.

The problem is there's no "Google Classic" option. We are just stuck with whatever experiment Google's focus-group adherents decide to try next. We are still having a hard time coping with the HUGE search box and kindergarten-sized type fonts Google foisted on us months ago. It took us hours to disengage from Google Buzz after it attacked us with followers from the Middle East who wanted to sell us things.

Google's eager beavers seem to have a hard time believing the old crew actually got the interface right. How about a radical idea -- let the users decide if they want to muck up the Google experience with photos.

How can we do searches in the middle of what looks like the Gulf oil mess, insidiously creeping across our computer screen?

We. Are. Doomed.

UPDATE: A glimmer of hope. A user on a Google help forum claims that this is temporary -- a publicity for the photo background roll out.

WELL GOOGLE YOU GOT PUBLICITY. Now please change the page back.

UPDATE 2: Relief at last. Serenity has returned. We can all get back to work now, people. 

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Anonymous said...

I use Google for my business 75% of the day and have not experienced what you describe.
I am sorry if it is annoying or causing problems with your internet usage. I know how frustrating internet obstacles can be.
However, I must thank Google for their efforts in spreading awareness of the oil spill.
I live on the gulf coast and we are watching a nightmare unfold.
Life for us has been rough for many years. Natural disasters, Government allowed disasters and now the devastation of our environment due to greed. We all sit here and pray for ourselves, but in reality, if something is not done; this may have environmental and economical consequences on the entire world. Even people like you who are as of yet only inconvenienced by the news rite now.

mcbrooklyn said...

Our prayers are with you. We weren't poking fun at the oil spill at all, just having a hissy fit at Google -- and just for fun, really. We're stating right now we'd be LOST without Google -- and yes, it would be a sad world without them! (We just hate to change a winning formula, silly, really.)