Monday, June 7, 2010

Sideways Smart Cars At the Brooklyn International Film Festival

A couple of cute little Smart Cars were parked with their noses pointing towards Henry Street in front of the Brooklyn Heights Cinema Friday. It was part of a promotion for the opening night of the Brooklyn International Film Festival running through June 13.

The idea was to show how the critters were so little you could park them sideways. But the Smart Car people ran into a little friction from local cops who saw . . .  cars parked sideways.

But officers! They don't stick out any further than your average SUV! Who cares what way they're pointed?

A discussion was held and points were made. Finally the police said they'd look the other way this time, but their commanding officers would take a dim view of the sideways parking.

The cars remained where they were till 11:30 p.m. Then off they drove, over to Williamsburg for the rest of the weekend, for the Kent Ave. film festival screenings.

Have you seen the poster for the film festival, by the way? It's really excellent:

The film festival lineup includes over 100 films from 24 countries (16 were made by Brooklyn filmmakers). According to the No Land Grab blog, one of the films being shown this year is Freddy's, which tells the story of the historic bar in Prospect Heights that was recently closed by the Atlantic Yards development (showing Wednesday in Brooklyn Heights, Friday in Williamsburg).

The festival takes place at Brooklyn Heights Cinema (70 Henry St. between Cranberry and Orange streets in Brooklyn Heights (718) 596-7070) and indieScreen (285 Kent Ave. between S. First and S. Second streets in Williamsburg (718) 388-4306).

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, there's also a kidsfilmfest. (Details here.)

Photos by MK Metz

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