Friday, October 8, 2010

'Brighton Beach' Reality Show Casting Almost Closed; Still Looking for Gorgeous Guy

“Brighton Beach,” the  reality TV show that follows the everyday dramas of Russian-Americans in Brooklyn, is still casting -- but many slots are filled and the show is now only accepting video submissions.

If you're a "gorgeous guy," however (like Roman, pictured left) the Brighton Beach Facebook Page encourages you to post your photo and let fans vote you up.

One season of "Brighton Beach" has been picked up by the Lifetime network, according to the NY Times, Sheepshead Bites and other sources.

The casting packet asks: "Are you the Russian Snooki or The Situation? Are you a super outgoing and fun-loving Russian-American that sometimes sneaks kalbaska, pel'meni and vodka from the fridge? Can people hear the Euro/Techno/Russian music blasting from your car before they see you pull up? Do you attend birthday parties at Russian restaurants every weekend?"

You'll need to get a friend to videotape you answering a bunch of questions. (Be high energy and have fun!) The questions cover such ground as
  • What really defines you as a Russian American?
  • What's the first thing you want to do if you're picked for the show? 
  • Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • What is your relationship philosophy?
  • Describe your typical weekday (include daytime and nighttime activities, your job).
  • Describe three things that people don't like about you.
To audition, click here.

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