Friday, February 24, 2012

Why Not Rate All City Workers the Way We Rate Teachers?

New York City plans to release today what were supposed to be internal rankings of about 18,000 public school teachers who were graded using a complex, experimental and statistically bogus mathematical formula with an up to 66 percent margin of error

Many experts have come out against the plan to publish the rankings. (More at NY Times)

Tellingly, charter school teachers are not being rated.

How about this: Let's grade ALL city workers, including politicians, using similar criteria. To make it work, of course, we must use a flawed formula and tragically incorrect data.

Then we must make sure that the workers are sorry they ever set their eyes on this ferocious city by publicly denigrating them. In spite of the meaninglessness of the grading system, we must brand them with a scarlet letter that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Let's start with Mayor Bloomberg.

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Sochu said...

OMG! Why this incessant attack on public schools?
I think there should be a "No Politician Left Behind" Act, with pay reductions for failure, and firing of senators and representatives for repeated failures. Balanced budget, anyone?