Friday, January 31, 2014

LICH: Brooklyn Officials Refuse to Play Ball with SUNY on Super Bowl Weekend

Brooklyn elected officials on Friday rejected SUNY’s invitation to participate in its revamped search for a buyer for Long Island College Hospital (LICH), the Brooklyn Eagle reports.

One political insider told the Eagle that SUNY's request was “bizarre,” considering that the Brooklyn "officials on Wednesday had denounced SUNY’s 'last-minute, rushed' RFP-redo."

SUNY gave insider bidders (only one has been made public, Fortis Development Group) a whole weekend to put together the design, partners and financing for northwestern Brooklyn's healthcare system. (Or, they could just knock it down and build condos.)

Aside from the secret previous bidders, others cannot enter the bidding. If you are interested in LICH, however, SUNY says to send in your plan over the weekend and the secret bidders will be informed about it before their submit their new plans on Monday. Maybe they'll even partner with you, though you don't know who they are.

From the Eagle: The advocacy group Patients for LICH said: "The legality of this limited re-opening is questionable. It also belies SUNY officials' statements to their own Trustees, who have been told time and time again, in response to their questions in Trustee meetings, that the RFP process followed required state procedures and could not be re-opened.”

Considering that SUNY still hasn't certified LICH's doctors for insurance purposes even two years after buying the besieged Cobble Hill hospital, it boggles the imagination that they think some unnamed developers could put together health care for more than a quarter of a million residents over Super Bowl weekend.

Brooklyn pols refuse to participate in new SUNY bidding process for LICH [Brooklyn Eagle]

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