Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Game Over for Top LICH Bidder: Is Anybody Going to Use Peebles' Weeny Little Urgent Care Center?

State Supreme Court Justice Johnny Lee Baynes gave them many chances, but Brooklyn Health Partners could not prove to him that they had solid financial backing and a serious plan to take over Long Island College Hospital (LICH).

In Brooklyn court today, Justice Baynes bid adieu to BHP, clearing the way for SUNY to move on to the next bidder, Peebles Corp. (Full story of today's court action here.)

Unfortunately, Peebles is not going to operate LICH as a hospital, but is going to replace it with yet another one of those urgent care centers (like Mt. Sinai's on Cadman Plaza West) that seem to be popping up all over town.

Peebles says they will also provide a "stand-alone ER," but who wants to go to an "ER" where they don't have a hospital providing the expertise, personnel and facilities to frigging save your life? 

Meanwhile, 182 LICH dialysis patients are about to get the boot, and dialysis centers all over Brooklyn are totally booked. SUNY plans to shut LICH's ER on Thursday.

Community groups and doctors are headed back to court Thursday to contest the scores of certain evaluators who did not follow the RFP scoring instructions. These clearly said that hospitals had to be scored higher than non-hospitals, and that continuity of care was also important.

Six evaluators, however, scored development bids over hospital bids.

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Anonymous said...

Where's your big man Diblasio now? No surprises that the hospital is closing-not even the nurses association is protesting now. This deal was baked a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your interest doccs, but please understand our community needs a full service hospital to take care of heart conditions, strokes, GI issues, maternity, kidney, psych, etc. etc.

We have plenty of urgent care centers to take care of minor complaints.

Anonymous said...

Docs was a piece of spam commenting for Seo purposes

Lich is closing. You were sold a facade if you thought the year+ of protests was getting you a real hospital. Go to Manhattan for treatment. The rest of you got hooked on an old fashioned Brooklyn political deal of bait and switch. ALWAYS ask for enforcement of an agreement. You'd think after the ikea hire local promises, and the Atlantic Yards broken promises, somebody would get it. Easy to promise, hard to follow through.

Anonymous said...

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