Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Ebola Wrapup: 8 NYS Hospitals | 'It's Really Hard to Catch' | Lockdown Mode? | A 'Giant Hoax'

Governor Cuomo Outlines Ebola Preparedness Plan for New York State
* On Thursday Gov. Cuomo said eight hospitals across New York state were chosen as special Ebola centers. Four of the hospitals are located in New York City and two in Long Island, leaving just two for the rest of the state -- in Rochester and Syracuse. [More at Brooklyn Eagle.]
Pictured above from left: Dr. Howard Zucker (DOH), Gov. Cuomo, Pat Foye (Port Authority), Tom Prendergast (MTA). 

* There are only four hospitals with biocontainment facilities in the United States, and they have 11 beds that can be used at any one time for Ebola patients. Four of those beds are currently being occupied by Ebola patients. [More at ABC News]

* Obama on Thursday urged Americans to keep the matter in perspective.  "Ebola is really hard to catch." Just a handful of cases, people. [White House YouTube]

* 75% of those who die from the Ebola virus are women. That's because most of the primary caregivers, nurses, and cross-border traders in those counties are female. [More at Bust]

* The situation in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone is deteriorating. [More at W.H.O.]

* Preppers are prepping to go into Ebola Lockdown Mode. [More at The Daily Sheeple]

* And finally: Ebola is a giant hoax: "It's not the Ebola that's going to get you, it's the vaccination" . . . "The thing they put to your temple that you think is reading your temperature? It's a mind-control device." [More at Free Radio Revolution]

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