Sunday, October 12, 2014

Over-the-Top Cosplay at New York Comic Con 2014

The Penguin and friend. Photos by MK Metz
All of our favorite characters showed up at the New York Comic Con 2014 at the Javitz Center this weekend (Sunday is the last day). The four-day extravaganza draws more than 130,000 fans of comics, video, computer games, anime and other media.

There was Hodor, the Penguin and all manner of Bat-people. There were literally dozens of Spideys Deadpools, all riding the escalators up and down at the same time. (And multiple Super Marios, and Ghostbusters, popular year after year.) There was a large group of Assassin's Creed folks hitting the dance stage. And many winged, horned and textured creatures.

There were more armed and dangerous women this year than ever before. Even the little kittens with feathers and fur had claws.

While some cosplayers just bought light sabers and threw on funny helmets, most took detailed care making their costumes. Hand-stitched capes, molded plastic or fabricated lightweight armor, and rubberized makeup were common. Everybody was happy to pose for photos.

There were long lines to get autographs from cosplay celebs like Jessica Nigri Kelly Jean (sharing a booth with Jessica Nigri).

Erica Maldonado, AKA Darth Talon, fights Wolverine.

Deadpools ride escalators en masse.... (We thought they were Spidey at first.)

We're not sure what it was, but it sure was impressive.

Hooded figures from the popular podcast "Welcome to Night Vale."

"Assassin's Creed" cosplayers hit the dance stage.


An impressive piece at "The Hobbit" booth.

FRONT: Sarah Smunderling's "Serenity." (See below)

Sarah Smunderling's "Serenity" from rear.(Pepper Pants Cosplay)

Gillian Fitzgerald, left, with Alanaleilani as "Lady Rainicorn."

Serious gear.
This amazing armored costume-gear-tech was built by Ruby Taki, a Brooklyn-based uber cosplay designer. She's inside it. It moves, the turret turns, lights flash.

Michael Wong's Dragon Rider. Photos by MK Metz
 UPDATE: Michael Wong was the winner of the Eastern Championships of Cosplay with his "Dragon Rider," seen above.

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Anonymous said...

Those folks on the escalator are Deadpools, not Spideys.

Anonymous said...

Also that first picture, not Jessica nigiri!

MK said...

Thanks! We'll update cap as soon as we get back in town.

MK said...

Serious? She was signing autographs!

mcbrooklyn said...

Poster 11:50: Update -- you're right, Kelly Jean was sharing a booth with Jessica Nigiri. Here's an online photos of her in the same outfit: