Thursday, August 25, 2016

Happy ‘National Duck Out for a Drink Day!'

Photo: MK Metz
Today is ‘National Duck Out for a Drink Day,' America's favorite holiday.

The rationale is clearly and legally explained in a proclamation by Alex Balk at the Awl. It starts:

WHEREAS work is long, boring and especially difficult to take during the summer months when you could be outside, particularly when you consider how awful winter has been lately and will be for the rest of our lives and you’re starting to realize summer is almost over, and

WHEREAS contemporary human existence is a mostly unrelenting series of trials and tribulations of varying degrees of unpleasantness, none of which means anything in the end, the only reasonable temporary solution that has yet been discovered for being alcohol, and ... (More of the proclamation here).

Want some examples? Brokelyn tells us about some of the best times they skipped out of work for a drink (such as the time they got dumped in the morning and the Chipotle line was too long at lunch).

You can probably come up with some great reasons to duck out today, too.

Happy drinking!

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