Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Park Slope, Brooklyn is as Big as Monaco

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 Once in a while we play with Wolframalpha.com, the computational knowledge engine, to figure out something pointless.

Today's useless exercise was computing the area of different Brooklyn neighborhoods.

We started with Brooklyn Heights. Wolfram Alpha quickly figured out the neighborhood's area is 180 acres, or .28 square miles.

What's nice is W/A then goes on to give us comparisons:

- The area of Brooklyn Heights is, for example, equal to 1.2 times the total floor area of the Pentagon.

- It's also 1.7 times the total area of Vatican City.

- It is also 13 times the area of the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Nice to know!

Plugging in different Brooklyn neighborhoods, we found that Cobble Hill's area is smaller than Brooklyn Heights, at 89 acres.

But the area of Bedford-Stuyvesant, at 4.2 square miles (a whopping 2,700 acres), is equal to one eighth the area of Manhattan.

Whereas Park Slope is 639 acres, equal to one square mile or .... the area of an adult male cougar's home range! Or the total area of Monaco!

To research weird factoids or perform calculations yourself, visit Wolfram Alpha and type in an English language query, such as "area williamsburg, brooklyn, nyc."

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